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Eamonn Holmes subjects Jeremy Corbyn to one of the worst interviews of all time (video)

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was interviewed by Eamonn Holmes on Sky News Sunrise. It was painfully enjoyable viewing. It gets worse and worse and worse… From 7 mins 40, Holmes causes wincing…

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Britain is now fattest nation in Western Europe: MPs go for the fat vote

WE win! Britain is now the most prosperous nation on Earth. How can we tell? Because as any fan of Dickens knows, prosperous equates to fat. And we are FAT. The OECD research says we are FATTER than the French, the Italians and even the Germans.

If a world food shortage struck now, Britons would be the last humans on Earth. Our fat reserves would save humanity. Reassuring new for those of us wary of the Belgian threat.

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Jeremy Clarkson And Eamonn Holmes’ Sense Of Humour Bypass

EAMONN Holmes, Sky News presenter and part-time This Morning host on ITV, says of the Jeremy Clarkson advertorial that all public sector strikers should be shot:

“We’re not al easily offended these days. But some people are very easily offended these days. Some people know their rights theses days.”

Holmes says anyone who can’t laugh has had a “sense of humour bypass“.

This would be the same Eamonn Holmes who sent, via his lawyers, a letter of complaint to the BBC after a series of sketches about him on Jon Culshaw’s The Impressions Show.

Using the catchphrase “I was fierce hungry, so I was”, Belfast-born Holmes was depicted by Culshaw eating a sofa, a jockey, and a vase of flowers…

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