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Hull Beats Alexander Guttenplan In University Challenge Final You Didn’t See

THE final of University Challenge 2010 and boy wonder Alexander Guttenplan –captain of Emmanuel College, Cambridge – is up before Jeremy Paxman – know all.

Gail Trimble guest stars.

Hull reacts…

Note: In the version broadcast after much editing and such, Guttenplan’s Emmanuel College beat St John’s College, Oxford 315-100, as the hero correctly answered the poser “Promis you won’t tell” with a nod…

N-note: The presenter said “good guess” after Guttenplan correctly answered a question about poet W. H. Auden. The student replied: “It wasn’t a guess.”

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Men Choose Gail Trimble Over Chantelle Houghton

SURVEY discovers that “Men would rather date beautiful bimbos than ugly, clever women”.

They want Chantelle Houghton and not Gail Trimble.

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Barack Obama Pulls Brad Pitt; Brown Settles For Gail Trimble

Barack Obama Pulls Brad Pitt; Brown Settles For Gail Trimble.

IAIN Martin tells Telegraph readers:

President Obama has been rudeness personified towards Britain this week. His handling of the visit of the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, to Washington was appalling. First Brown wasn’t granted a press conference with flags, then one was hastily arranged in the Oval office after the Brits had to beg.

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Gail Trimble Stripped

UNIVERSITY Challenge boffin Gail Trimble has been stripped. So says the Express.

No – ho-ho – she’s not taken the Nuts schilling. Trimble has been stripped of her title. Team Corpus Christ, of which she was the captain, cheated. Thr title is now housed within the red-bricks of Manchester University.

Team member Sam Kay was not a student, a fact given credence by his neatness of hair, presence of socks (matching), upright sitting and working at PriceWaterhouse Coopers at the time of the contest.

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Gail Trimble Naked: Clever Girls That Do It With Thatcher

WHILE the world was watching EastEnders. Gail Trimble was winning University Challenge single handed and so setting in motion a heated media debate: Is Gail pretty enough to be clever?

Jade Goody: A Healer, Sienna Miller, Gail Trimble And A Dumb Legacy

The Times position Ms Trimble alongside Carol Vorderman and Rachel Riley, two women clever and photogenic enough to be invited to appear repeatedly the telly. Can Trimble ever hope for such elevation? Or is her head ideally suited for being stuck in a book?

Sarah Ebner wonders: “Clever girls and clever boys: do people dislike Gail Trimble because she’s clever?”

A straw poll in Anorak Towers reveals the following responses the question:

Why do you hate Gail Trimble?:

45% – She drove Martin Platt to it and David’s an evil little sod.
23% – Pi to the power to 9.
15% – Pass.
9% – I hate all women.
5% – Gail?
4% – I was never any good at maths.

Sarah answers her question with a question:

If Gail was Graham, would there be any of this personal abuse, or extensive coverage?

Gail looks like a man? A cruel slight. She may be no Katie Boyle, but Gail is her own woman, and with the right spray tan, inflatings and skin peel she could make it onto QVC as a presenter, if she set her mind to it.

Or a presenter on Tabloid Bingo. Eyes down:

They don’t like Jade Goody because they think she’s “common”, they don’t like Kate Winslet (well, maybe they do at the moment) because she cries at awards ceremonies and they don’t like Gail Trimble, because she’s cleverer than them. It’s a bit like bullying: you just look for the thing that’s different and pick on that.

And write about it. At length. Nicholas Lezard muses:

The intellectual powerhouse that is Gail Trimble, captain of Corpus Christi’s all-conquering University Challenge team, has divided the nation like no other figure since Margaret Thatcher.

Or Jade Goody. Or Madeleine McCann. Or…Back to Ebner:

Personally I don’t think Miss Trimble should worry. She epitomises how clever girls are having a great time at the moment.

See Jade Goody.

Clever women are everywhere you look, from new Countdown presenter, Rachel Riley to musician turned TV presenter Myleene Klass.

Clever means being on the telly. The girls of Channel X meet at book group ever Friday between 1 and 2.

“My daughter’s favourite High School Musical character is Gabriella, the brainiest in the year, who wins the jock’s heart.”

And how more real than that do you want it?

In any case, Gail’s not all that clever. So she might have to rely on her looks. Nuts magazine has offered her a deal to get her lobes out.

Says Gail:

My brother received a Facebook message from Nuts saying, ‘Can we have your sister’s email address, we want to do a tasteful shoot’.

Lezard pipes up:

Personally speaking, I like clever women, and were I 20 years younger I would be using all the cunning at my command to get her phone number and ask her out on a date.

But she’s not all that clever. No really. Not at all, if you think about it. In fact:

Trimble may be, almost certainly is, very clever. But the proof of it cannot be gauged by her excellence on University Challenge. What she has proved is that she has a huge fund of general knowledge, which she can summon up very quickly. But that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s clever.

But she can be on the telly, right? Penny Wark considers:

But what happens next? What becomes of TV quiz champions when they surface in the real world? Will their success become a motif of their life? Or will it eventually become insignificant?

All depends on the size of her tits, doesn’t it?

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