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1944: Lt. J.B. Keeley of Houston, Texas, Is Raised By Ukrainian Girls In Celebration of Their Liberation From German Slavery

FLASHBACK:  20/12/1944: Lt. J.B. Keeley of Houston, Texas, is raised by Ukrainian girls in celebration of their liberation from forced labor in a German factory in Schirmeck by American troops of the 6th Army on Dec. 20, 1944. The girls were brought by Germans from the Ukraine.


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German Girl Kidnapped By Bad Hairdresser Confesses All: Worst Haircuts Ever Photos

THE 10-year-old girl who cut her own hair – badly – called the police. To cover up her hairdressing horror she told her parents that a man armed with a pair of scissors had kidnapped her.

To Hanover, Germany, then, where Police spokesman Thorsten Schiewe tells media:

“Officers went to the scene, took down statements and launched a manhunt for a supposed perpetrator on the run,” he said. “We dispatched a few police cars.”

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How German Are You? Good British Sports Should Take The Test

THOSE Boffins at the University College London say that half of all British men have German blood in their veins. But before your granny calls you a traitor, and you celebrate three World Cups and no World Wars, we need to work out how German you are.

1. Do you own an angry dog?
2. Can you speak more than one language?
3. Are you wary of Greek accepting gifts?
4. Have you ever goosetepped in Berlin?
5. While in Germany, have you ever found cause to point at something in the distance with a straight arm while scratching an itch beneath your nose with the top on a finger?
6. Is your state broadcaster obsessed with Jews?
7. Do you hanker for the past?

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German Insurance Company Munch Re Held Budapest Orgy For Sales Saff

WHEN German re-insurance company Munich Re, Ergo chapter, rewarded its sales staff with prostates and an orgy, we know it would not be long before the story leaked out.

The 2007 do in Budapest, Hungary, featured 100 workers and 20 prostitutes. German news organ Handelsblatt hears from a w****leblower, who tells us:

“After each such encounter the women were stamped on the lower arm in order to keep track of how often each woman was frequented. The women wore red and yellow wrist bands. One lot were hostesses, the others would fulfil your every wish.

“There were also women with white wrist bands. They were reserved for board members and the very best sales reps.”

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World Cup Countdown To Crapello: German Team Told To Wear Bullet-Proof Vests

germanyWORLD Cup News now – Anorak’s Countdown To Crapello – as Germany’s footballer are told to wear bullet-proof vests in South Africa.

As Anorak reader Yampster notes:

We all know they started it…but isn’t this holding a grudge for just a little too long?

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Fat Man Acquitted Of Squashing Wife To Death

fat-manIN Germany, an obese man has been acquitted for squashing his wife to death.

To a house in Hanover, where the couple are arguing over Italian music. The woman pours beer over her husband’s laptop. They fight. She locates his neck. She hits his neck. He falls. On her.

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Laughing German Raises Police Alarm

HEARD the one about the laughing German who sparked a police rescue?

A police car and rescue helicopter were called in to save a screaming man in a German forest, but it turned out that the man was in fact screaming with laughter.

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Kinder HMRC Taxman Sends Out German Stories To Help With Tax

GOOD news is that the CDs lost by the Government and its agencies in recent times may contain not data and facts but children’s stories read aloud in German, such as those stories featured on the HMRC’s latest mailshot.

Old Mr Anorak is encouraged to learn that the February edition of HMRC’s regular “Employer Bulletin” features not software designed to help small firms deal with their tax burden, rather 16 CD audio files with titles such as Zwei Ordentliche Kinder (Two Tidy Children), Der Flohzirkus (The Flea Circus) and Gespenster (Ghosts).

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