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Gypsies On Benefits And Proud: The Daily Star Flogs Channel 5’s Benefits Street For ‘Sponging’ Foreigners

THE Daily Star once told its readers to vote for the EDL. Todays its anti-foreigner message is cloaked in a front page about gloating, freeloading Romanians:


The Star’s (prop. Richard Desmond)  headline is linked to a Channel 5 (prop. Richard Desmond) documentary. The paper tells us:

TV documentary exposes how gypsies are happy to exploit British benefit system

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Dublin Blonde Is A Gypsy: Media Gutted As Persecuted Roma Proved Innocent

THE blonde child taken from her darker parents and swabbed does have the same DNA as her parents. Yeah. The gypsies never did steal the blonde.

A member of the public called the Child Protection Unit at Tallaght Garda Station saying the blonde just didn’t fit with those gypsies. So. The police took the child away from her family. They did a test on her. They tested her parents. And it turns out that after the State kidnapping and medical experiments the gypsies are innocent.

What now for the tabloids?


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Let’s Get The Gypsies: The Big Fat Darkies Are Stealing Blonde Children In America, Greece, Ireland And Your Town


ANY gypsy woman who has cheated on her husband with a blonde man had best watch out. And blonde gypsies should just run. The powers that be are eyeing non-Aryans with a suspicious eye. The Mirror and Express lead with news of another blonde child seized from a Roma gypsy camp, this one in Dublin, Ireland.

The child has blonde hair and blue eyes. This not that she not only makes the front pages but has been removed from her darker haired and skinned ‘parents’. This echoes the news of Maria, the blonde removed by Greek police from gypsies.

This Irish child will have DNA tests to establish her identity and links to her family.  No arrests have been made. But the child is in the care of the Irish state. What could go wrong?

The Times adds:

The couple she was living with told police their “daughter” was born at Dublin’s Coombe Women & Infants University Hospital in April 2006, the Sunday World newspaper reported. However, the hospital had no record of the birth and the name and date of birth given by the parents is different to records with the register office.

A birth certificate was deemed to be inconclusive and a passport bore a picture of a baby and could not be matched to the seven-year-old. A consultant at another hospital told detectives it would be unusual for Roma parents to have a blonde-haired child.

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Plague Of Gypsies And Travellers Runs Riot In Blackburn

GYPSIES and travellers get a worse press than Muslims, Israel and the rich. The Lancashire Telegraph delivers the loads headline:

GROUP of 40 travellers descended on Blackburn town centre yesterday afternoon.

Descended? Like Gods from above? Or like locusts, a plague? As for the news. Well, it’s huge:

Six camper vans parked in High Street outside the Lancashire Telegraph, despite parking restrictions.

You can see the reporter looking out his window and seeing the vans. Yippee! This stickler for parking enforcement doesn’t even have to leave the warmth of his office to create a non-story about a favourite target of hate.

The group then made their way to several town centre pubs.

What?!! The travellers supported the local businesses?! The filthy scum!

Staff at the Postal Order in Darwen Street refused to serve them after complaints.

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Scare Story Of The Day: 12 Million Roma Look To Settle In The UK

THE Romanians are coming. The Romanians are coming!!!! For years the Star and Express have been telling us the Romanians are coming. They never came. But now their abbreviated form – the Roma – are on their way.

As we learn in the Star:

“There are …fears thousands of Roma gipsies kicked out of France  could head here. Up to 12 million are said to be looking to settle.”

Because what do gypsies love more than to settle, right, readers? Oh, and Time says there are 10 million gypsies living in the whole of Europe. And they are all massing to come to the UK – and breeding fast…

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Gold Vending Machine Prizes: Gallery

gold-vending-52SO inclusive is the new Germany that in those gold vending machines, they have placed something for everyone.

There are gold flakes for her. Gold buckles for him. And for the gypsies – oh, how they love the gypsies – they have gold the likes of which you have never seen:

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Daily Express Publishes New Edition For Gypsies

THE EXPRESS sees gypsies.

While the Sun welcomes The Others with a Polish version of its paper, the Express has yet to equip its organ with this weeks lucky pin number, a guide to pick-pocketing and whatever else the marketing department assures us gypsies are fans of.

Right now opportunities are being missed. The Express bring news that “FAMILIES MUST SELL LAND FOR GYPSY CAMPSITES”.

The “land grab” is taking place on campsites, fields and – best of all – private gardens.

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Madeline McCann: Seeking Andrew Gosden, Not Denise Pipitone And Demonising Gypsies

MADDIE WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann, Kate McCann and Gerry McCann

THE TIMES: “One year on, missing Andrew Gosden is still a blank space in family’s heart”

Andrew Godsen is missing. He ran away form home one year ago. He was 14. Watch the parents…

As with the parents of Madeleine McCann, the Gosdens are leading a life suspended. Unlike the McCanns, they have not done so in a blaze of global publicity and suspicion. Mr Gosden said that he and his wife felt “deeply, deeply sorry” for Gerry and Kate McCann and suspected that the two families “have an awful lot in common”, in all but one respect.

Andrew Godsen ran away. Did Madeleine McCann?

“You get a lot of press if your child is little, blonde and female, but it hurts just as much when you’re missing a teenage son.”

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