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John Edwards: Who Needs A Super Injunction When The Media Supports The Lie?

JOHN Edwards – the two-faced shagger who while a Democratic Vice-President nominee had sex and a child with a campaign staffer named Rielle Hunter (his wife was suffering from teminal cancer at the time) – has been formally charged with six counts over the cover-up.

You might have spotted Hunter in the hideous photshoot she did for GQ – the one in which she showed a lot of leg and and cradled Edwards’ love child, one Frances Quinn.

You might have spotted those private photos of Edwards and his wife renewing their vows – photos that just happened to have been obtained by the medi\ at the same time he was heading to power and shagging Hunter.

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Daily Mail Says Elizabeth Edwards Was Bitter And Twisted When She Died: John Edwards Might Weep

ELIZABETH Edwards has died. Her widow, John Edwards – a man who might have been President of the US; a man whose affair was exposed by the National Enquirer (he had a baby by Democratic campaign aide Rielle Hunter) – is the target of a negative Daily Mail piece.

She has left her worldly goods to her children: Cate, 28, Emma Claire, 12 and 10-year-old Jack.

The Mail interprets this as:

Elizabeth Edwards’s revenge from beyond the grave after she cut cheating husband John out of will days before death

Nice headline, eh. Making out a woman was bitter and vengeful as she died. Making out a woman wanted to punish their children’s dad after her death. Nice work, Daily Mail Reporter.

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Pulitzer Saves John Edwards From A Bad Burger

THE National Enquirer missed out on a Pulitzer Prize for exposing the John Edwards – Reille Hunter scandal. But rest assured that the Pulitzer is a worthy thing. The Explanatory Reporting prize goes to:

For a distinguished example of explanatory reporting that illuminates a significant and complex subject, demonstrating mastery of the subject, lucid writing and clear presentation, in print or online or both, Ten thousand dollars ($10,000).

And the prize goes to:

Michael Moss and members of The New York Times Staff for relentless reporting on contaminated hamburger …

Just think what could have happened had Edwards become President of the free world and eaten some duff meat..?!

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National Enquirer’s John Edwards Scoop Shunned In Pulitzer Prize Giving

THE Pulitzer Prizes were announced this afternoon and the National Enquirer was not among the recipients. John Edwards is still being protected by big media.

The Pulitzer committee was duty bound to accept the Enquirer’s nomination, as the weekly’s coverage of the John Edwards sex, love child and potential Constitutional scandal was exemplary, achieved against great odds and in the face of disdain from the mainstream media.

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Silvio Berlusconi And The John Edwards Tiger Woods Invitational Sex Tape

SILVIO Berlusconi shows John Edwards how to do it. If Silvio lived in America he’d be playing golf, like a Tiger.

The Americans don’t like their politicos to have sex.

They can look like they have sex but in the time Bill Clinton’s argued the toss about what sexual relations means, Jacques Chirac, the Minute Man, has squired the typing pool and Silvio has reshuffled his Cabinet.

On Tina Brown’s The Daily Beast site (via), Andrew Young says John Edwards possibly maybe sort of could have slept with lots of other women. Hear that Silvio – could? What a bunch of losers. All men in power could sleep with lots of women but it’s only the champions who do. Right, Silvio?

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Deep Tongue: Rielle Hunter And John Edwards’ Private Video Revealed

REMEMER when hairy John Edwards was going to be President of the USA, and then it all came out because of the Natiaonl Enquier – and not the LA Times – that he’d been canvassing Reille Hunter behind his wife’s back and sired a child by her?

A website – The Daily Beast – has gone public with some, allegedly, eyewitness accounts of the “private” videotape of Rielle Hunter and John Edwards.

They’ve also sought at least one professional opinion as to the production time frame of the video.

Brace yourself for the play-by-play.

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John Edwards Accused Of Wallet ‘Theft’

john_edwards-300x1801ONCE John Edwards was in the race to be the President of the US of A. But revelations about his lover Rielle Hunter, his baby and his wife and above all his hair undid him. Well,not really. Big media failed to report on John Edwards, leaving it to the tabloid press to tell the real story.

How the LA Times Failed To Cover The John Edwards Affair

Anorak’s Man in LA looks at how things have tuned out for John:

HOW low can former presidential candidate John Edwards go?

Apparently very.

John Edwards Love Child ‘Scandal’, Rielle Hunter Responds

According to the Orange County, NC sheriff’s office, back in October of 2008, Elizabeth Edwards claimed that John came to their home after going to a sporting event with their children. Only problem is, Elizabeth told him he wasn’t welcome and asked him to leave.

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