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Michelle Obama Tries For A Baby As Larry Craig’s Gay Obama Story Goes To Congress

obama-gayLARRY Sinclair says he had sex and did drugs with Barack Obama in 1999. He’s written about it on his book “Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair – Coke, Sex Lies & Murder”.

The title shows just how serious things are, with Craig putting his own name below Obama’s. Should the book sell well then look out for Larry Craig & Barack Obama – More, Coke, More Sex, More Lies & More Murder II.

Should that also be a hit, then Craig will surely set about creating a book that itself enters the Guinness Book of Records for the longest title and the most use of ampersands. So long will the title be that there will be another book needed for the actual copy.

It’s impressive stuff from Sinclair, who has self-published his first tome.

Now in “MICHELLE WINS”, the Enquirer tells us that Michelle Obama has succeeded in getting the book, er, ignored. Says Craig:

“I think it’s time to start exposing the truth in a less public way.”

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Kirby Dick’s OUTRAGE Aginst Gay Hypocrites

outrageIN a week in which Iran’s only gay Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, aka Maurice Schneider, is found out for over-compensating for his Jewish roots, Anorak spots OUTRAGE, an official selection of the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival, which “investigates the hidden lives of some of the country’s most powerful policymakers – from now-retired Idaho Senator Larry Craig, to former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevy – and examines how these and other politicians have inflicted damage on millions of Americans by opposing gay rights.”

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New Yorker’s Ahmadinejad Wins Cover Of The Year

MAHMOUD Ahmadinejad is Senator Larry’s Craig toilet toe-tapper.

It’s the 2008 magazine cover of the year. Here’s our winner:

Senator Larry Craig Wants To Engage You

Mitt Romney Supporter Senator Larry Craig’s Toilet Two-Step

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