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The LibDems have a bloody good idea: the accessions tax

WHO knew that they had it in them? The Lib Dems that is, being capable of offering up a good idea?

Replace inheritance tax with an “accessions tax” on beneficiaries of estates. A section on wealth taxes in a party consultation paper talks of “an accessions tax, where the tax liability would fall on the person receiving the income rather than the estate of the deceased. This would simplify the settling of the estate, making inheritance income more like employment and investment income.”

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Posted: 30th, August 2012 | In: Money | Comment (1)

LibDem Protest In Photos: Fighting Nick Clegg’s Anti-Smoking, Anti-Protest Illiberal Party

THE LibDems are under the cosh in Sheffield. Outside their fortified conference, students are demonstrating. Hey, it’s your right to protest. And the liberals are all about freedoms and protecting them. That’s why they’re hiding behind a big fence and supporting a ban on the display of tobacco products in shops.

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Posted: 12th, March 2011 | In: Key Posts, Politicians | Comments (2)

Vince Cable Gets Head Start On LibDem Job Seekers

VINCE Cable realises that to get a headstart on his LibDems colleagues when they start looking for jobs after the next election he must end his political career as fast as possible.

He could, of course resigns. But resignation will make him look principled, so ruling out a future in banking. Fortunately, Butlin’s entertainers and pro-am dancers need only two feet – and if the hoofer can get one dancing shoe in their mouth, so much the more impressive the spectacle.

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Posted: 22nd, December 2010 | In: Politicians | Comments (2)

LibDem Councillor And Iain Dale Double Adrian Hicks Introduces Majestic, Britain’s Elite Alien Spotters

MORE news on Hampshire LibDem councillor Adrian Hicks – who spotted an alien dancing in Winchester – has posted the 27-minute speech on the Internet calling for Majestic, shadowy scientists, military officers and politicians to be exposed.

Majesty aims to with making contact with extra terrestrials following a UFO crash in 1947. Sadly, he presents no proof. But Mr Hicks does have use of a video camera –had he only have had one on that fateful night.

Incidentally, Hicks looks and sounds remarkably like Tory wannabe Iain Dale. Which might or might not be relevant. Are they related?

Posted: 9th, November 2009 | In: Politicians | Comment