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9 Reasons Why Courtney Love Is Wrong About Saxophones In Rock ‘n’ Roll

courtney loveSHE really is fun to have around, but Courtney Love isn’t exactly known for being right very often. While talking about Bruce Springsteen, she said she liked him, but didn’t really like his music and had a leave a show she’d been taken to.

Fair enough. Not everyone like Bruce Springsteen. And his shows go on for roughly 378 hours. And those cut-off shirts he wears need sorting out too.

However, while talking about The Boss, she said that “saxophones don’t belong in rock ‘n’ roll.”

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The 11 Best Football Red Cards

PEOPLE say that a red card can spoil a decent game of football. Nonsense. It adds a layer of wonderful jeopardy into proceedings and, more to the point, sometimes they’re really very funny.

There have been some mystifying red cards over the years (players getting sent off for mistaken identity or getting three yellows before leaving the pitch) and some have just been brilliant.

With that, let us look at some of the more fun ones.


1. Don’t get a decision going your way? Indulge in some ‘simulation’. That didn’t work? Jab your opponent in the balls, right in front of the referee.

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Top 10 weird reasons that couples break-up

PEOPLE break up for stupid reasons. Seen So, I Married An Axe Murderer? Someone got dumped in that because they ‘smelled of soup’.

Well, has done a survey to find some of the bizarre reasons why Britons have ended a relationship.

One answer put a break-up down to a partner’s excessive sex toy collection, while another stated that they dumped their beau because they refused to wash their Sunday league football kit.

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Top Ten Bizarre Holiday Complaints

THE Top Ten Bizarre Holiday, as dleivred by British holiday makers to The Association for British Travel Agents (ABTA) and Thomas Cook:

The sand is too white

Too many fish in the sea

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Posted: 17th, March 2009 | In: Reviews | Comment (1)