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Is Barack Obama’s Situation Room George Bush’s Plastic Turkey

ON Saturday 6 December 2003, Mark Lawson told Guardian readers that George Bush was “stuffed by a plastic turkey”.

In a revelation certain to be taught at schools of democracy and journalism for years to come, it has been revealed that the apparently appetising turkey that President Bush carried towards beaming troops last week in Baghdad had been genetically modified to a degree that would lead even the most profit-hungry farmers to protest. The bird was the kind of model used by butchers and Hollywood set-dressers.

Following this disclosure, the president is, unlike his political prop, stuffed…

…the affair of the plastic turkey can only be attributed to insecurity.

…Whatever the details, the message is clear. Though he still lacks anything as pesky as a plausible Democrat opponent, Dubya is starting to fear that his administration may become the second one-term turkey served up by the Bush dynasty.

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Russell Crowe Suffers Mark Lawson: The ‘Dead Ears’ Interiew

RUSSELL Crowe is in conversation with the BBC’s Mark Lawson. Crowe stars in Robin Hood, a middle aged robin from the Middle Ages, with loadsa killing and Milf Marian. It’s a decent interview. But before you listen top it, here’s a review of the thing in the Sun.

In “Crowe storms off BBC show over ‘Irish’ Robin jibe”, readers are told:

“…Crowe stormed out of a BBC interview after he was accused of making Robin Hood sound IRISH in his new film.”

The Sun says Russell Crowe issued a “rant” in reply to Lawson’s posit that his accent in the film owes more to an Australian who’s been in Ireland too long than a resident of Nottingham.

The New Zealander was being quizzed on Radio 4 about his dodgy Sherwood Forest accent when he lost his rag and yelled: “B****cks!”

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