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Madeleine McCann Spotted On Camber Sands And The Funniest Our Maddie Joke Ever

mccann-red-eyesMADELEINE McCann Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Madeleine McCann in the news – Maddie spotted on Camber Sands, the funniest Our Maddie joke ever, Tracey Connelly and Rhonda Wyllie explains…

It’s the Third Summer of Our Maddie and Mary Gold relives the apogee of the Our Maddie frenzy. Experience the horror that is Mary Gold’s Maddie & Me:

Daily Mail: “I looked away for a moment and my daughter had vanished: A mother reveals the terrifying 25 minutes she lost her child at the beach”

Mary Gold fears the worst – with a story to write she had best act fast…

She’d gone in the blink of an eye. One moment my three-year-old daughter was playing beside me in the sand on a Sussex beach. The next she was gone. I was distracted for something like ten seconds by an angry wasp, and when I looked up Katya had disappeared…

Paedo wasp!

I thought of Madeleine McCann, of vile and loathsome paedophiles and of Lord knows what else.

What else is there?

It is every parent’s nightmare…

It is. It is. Oh, god it is. We fear it is. And if it isn’t, it bloody well should be! Tony Parsons knows.

As journalists, Harry and I both know what a horrible world we live in. I thought of poor Sarah Payne, snatched in Sussex by a paedophile in 2000 – a story my husband had covered as a crime reporter.

Sarah Pain & Me.

And, of course, poor Maddie McCann, who was abducted in the Algarve the day after we brought Katya home from Russia in May 2007… At that moment, I felt like the world’s worst mother and I must admit I thought about Kate McCann…

Is that libel? Surely the world’s worst mother is Tracey Connelly? And he can be dad.

Ten agonising minutes later came the flood of relief. It turned out that Katya had wandered for half-a-mile – half-a-mile and she only weighs 2st.

Will she be ready for the Olympics?

She had been missing for 25 minutes, but it felt like a lifetime. Harry called me and said: ‘We’ve got her, darling, we’ve got her.’

And mummy got her story. Our Katya…

The Skinny: “Richard Herring: Hitler Moustache”

We have to dare him to go there when he asks who wants to hear his Madeleine McCann joke, which is so evil he swears he wouldn’t tell it were it not for us sickos. The audience roars its approval.

Funier than Mary Gold. Give it up, Herring…

WA Today: Wyllies say they have nothing to offer Maddie investigators

Private detectives searching for Madeleine on Sunday said they wanted to interview Perth socialite Rhonda Wyllie, the widow of Australian property tycoon Bill Wyllie, and their daughter Melissa Karlson.


A multi-million dollar luxury yacht owned by Mrs Wyllie was moored in Barcelona, Spain, three days after Madeleine disappeared from a Portugal holiday report in May 2007.

Fact! Other boats in the area include the yacht Dr Crippen once sailed on, vessels soon-to-be belonging to Somalia’s pirate navy and a rowing boat manned by a odd bearded fellow call Silus.

On Thursday, the Wyllie Group issued a statement:

“British media reports on Sunday … raised suggestions that Wyllie family members may be able to assist investigations in relation to an incident at Port Olympia, Barcelona, on the night of May 6, 2007.

The Wyllie family is perplexed with these media reports. In fact, members of the Wyllie family were in Antibes, France, that evening, not in Barcelona.”

Maddie in Antibes!

Madeleine McCann – It’s the media’s Third Summer of Our Maddie (delayed for Michael Jackson) – you seen her?

Madeleine McCann Spotted In Sweden

Spotted in Byron Bay.

Those Madeleine McCann Jokes

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Madeleine McCann: Spotted In Australia, Rhonda Wyllie And Another Child Stolen

4697789MADELEINE McCann Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Madeleine McCann in the news – Madeleine spotted in Byron Bay, Rhonda Wyllie named and another child is taken…

Daily Mirror: “Maddy hunt sleuths off to Australia”

Investigators searching for Madeleine McCann are flying to Australia to follow up “viable leads“.

The viable leads the McCann’s PR Clarence Mitchell called “vague” or other viable leads that could be handled by the Australian police at less of a cost to the Madeleine McCann Fund?

Boats are involved and, perhaps, the wise thing would be for private detectives to charter a yacht and retrace the route possible taken by fat Victoria Beckham’s vessel as it sailed from the Algarve to Barcelona, then onto Australia, perhaps taking in Venezuela and the Caribbean?

Judith Aron and Melissa Karlson both say they did not take Our Maddie. There is not a shred of evidence linking them to the child. They are both innocent. So what leads are the private detectives investigating?

Daily Mail: “Millionaire socialite ‘devastated’ as her £3m superyacht is linked to hunt for Madeleine McCann”

Her brother Wayne McGrath told the People newspaper: ‘I have spoken to my sister and she is absolutely devastated. She doesn’t know anything about this.’

Names named. Damaged lives. Innocent people dragged into a terrible story of a missing child. Move on…

3Nws (NZ): “Perth socialite claims yacht not involved in McCann mystery”

A Perth socialite has scoffed at suggestions her yacht may have been involved in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

The yacht, belonging to Rhonda Wiley, was docked at the same port where a woman was seen asking about the delivery of her new daughter – just days after Madeline went missing.

Yesterday, “Rhonda Wiley” was the Mirror’s Rhonda Whilley (which is correct).


An Australian woman who matched the “Posh Spice lookalike” e-fit appeared to be entirely innocent of any involvement. Judith Aron, 53, of Melbourne, said: “I have no connection to the little girl. I haven’t left Australia since 2000, so there’s no way I could have been in Portugal or Spain around the time she went missing.”

“Appeared to be innocent.” Do we now presume guilt when a name is mentioned in the same breath as the media’s Our Maddie? Any other evidence?

In another disappointment to the McCanns, a £6million superyacht was also ruled out. Detectives hired by doctors Kate and Gerry McCann, both 41, had been hunting for the vessel… The Sunseeker Yacht 105, called Will Power, flies an Australian flag.

But last night the Brit skipper insisted it was a “coincidence’’. Its owner, £250m socialite Rhonda Wyllie, 52, was not on board at the time.

The skipper said he had dropped off her and her guests in Monaco. There were no Australians on board in Barcelona and he had never taken it to Portugal.

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