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Jaycee Dugard: Nancy Garrido Maintains Innocence

JAYCEE Dugard: Phillip and Nancy Garrido, who really are every parent’s nightmare, have both confessed to abducting and imprisoning Jaycee Dugard for 18 years – Phillip Garrido raped her and fathered her two daughters.

Why did they confess? well, the Garridos’ lawyers are hoping for a plea bargain. News is that prosecutors are hoping to see him jailed for “440 years to life” and her for “241 to life“.

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Madeleine McCann: How Jaycee Dugard Became The Benchmark For Missing Children

7902994Jaycee Dugard Watch – Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Jaycee Dugard in the news: Nancy Garrido not happy in jail, Melanie Hall is found and Madeleine McCann is no longer the benchmark for missing children.

In Melanie Hall and the missing, Cassandra Jardine asks:

Why are we so bad at keeping tabs on missing people, asks Cassandra Jardine.

Depends who’s missing? Anorak has been keeping you updated with every mention of missing Madeleine McCann in the news for over two years. Other missing people are not so well covered, like Melanie Hall:

The young hospital clerk, last seen in a Bath nightclub on June 9 1996, was in a rubbish bag under a bush by the slip road to exit 14 of the M5.

Melanie Hall was missing for thirteen years:

Thousands of people have driven past her while having map-reading debates or answering “How much longer?” queries from the back seat. The very banality of the scene is shaking. Even more troubling is the question that inevitably follows: how many more bodies of missing people have we glided past without knowing?

Jardine soon does as all journalists must and speculates:

It could be hundreds, even thousands, for every year at least 200,000 people go missing. The vast majority – 99 per cent – are found within a year, most of them within 48 hours. That leaves 2,000 people each year who never reappear. Sixty per cent of them are thought to be dead. But where are they?

Newspaper reporters might well investigate, or feature the missing in their pages. Or just get on with writing their copy for a deadline:

They could be victims of crime, like Melanie. They might be living it up in Panama, in the style of John Darwin, who notoriously faked his own death in a canoeing accident. Or, like Jaycee Dugard, the 11-year-old American girl who was found in August, they may have spent 18 years as the prisoner of a stranger.

And there is it. No Madeleine McCann. The only other high(ish)-profile missing person features is Andrew Godsen, who has been featured by Anorak before. But Andrew Godsen is of less interest to the mainstream media than his parents are:

Three months after his 13-year-old son Andrew left home with a one-way ticket from Doncaster to London King’s Cross, Kevin Gosden found the tension so unbearable that he attempted to hang himself from a balustrade. He would be dead now if the vicar, who had a key, hadn’t picked that exact moment to pay a visit. Nearly two years on, he still suffers suicidal urges: only the thought of his daughter stops him carrying out his plans.

When people go missing we get to watch the ones they leave behind. And what of Jaycee Dugard, the new benchmark for missing children?

Ski Channel: “Other suspect in Jaycee Lee Dugard kidnapping case having a tough time in prison”

Nancy Garrido: She is currently in prison, and according to sources, she has had to be put in isolation for her own protection. Other inmates have been threatening to rape and kill her, so Garrido was moved to isolation and has been described as “very lonely.”

Lonely. Like the ones the missing leave behind…

All the pictures so far

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Jaycee Dugard: Media Funds Phillip Garrido’s Bail

jaycee-garrido1JAYCEE Dugard continues to interests the media, and the media continues its campaign to make the kidnap and rape of a child even worse. The National Enquirer brings news that Nancy Garrido is:


Readers learn that “lawmen say the 54-year-old woman is really Garrido’s evil EQUAL and partner-in-crime…

FBI agent Ted Gunderson (retired) has the facts:

“I think we’ll learn that Nancy Garrido was up to her eyeballs in this kidnapping, prolonged torture and rape of Jaycee and possibly even Jaycee’s daughters.”

Well, you’re the expert, Ted:

“She may be involved in even more unimaginable and cruel crimes.”

What, worse than the kidnap and rape of a child, who was then forced to bears her rapist’s children? Got any details, for research puposes..?

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Jaycee Dugard Entertains Oprah For One Million Dollars

jaycee-dugard-blondeJAYCEE Lee Dugard – Anorak’s look at Jaycee Dugard in the news: the human bone, child shopping with Nancy Garrido and Oprah Winfrey wins!

AS ever the media challenge is to make the kidnap, rape and insemination of a child worse:

On seeing the schoolgirl, Garrido is said to have told his wife: ‘That’s the one I want. She’s cute, but she’s with the other kids. Let’s come back later and get her.’ Mr Cardoza added: ‘This was nothing less than a child shopping trip. It just makes their actions all the more horrendous and reprehensible.’

And don’t forget that Jaycee Dugard could be you and yours:

Orlando Sentinel: “Why won’t you let your child walk to school?”

Consider this: In 1969, 41 percent of children either walked or biked to school; by 2001, only 13 percent still did, according to data from the National Household Travel Survey.

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Jaycee Dugard’s Home Run To Oprah Winfrey

jaycee-lee-dugard2JAYCEE Lee Dugard – Anorak’s look at Jaycee Dugard in the news: Mark Whicker wrestles Jaycee; Oprah Winfrey really wants Jaycee and Phillip Garrido’s songs to watch the girls go by…

We begin with Mark Whicker’s column in the Orange Couty Register, as the writer enganges in game of Tabloid Bingo as he tries to link the rape and kidnapping of a child with his vested interest: sports.
his versted interst: sports:

It doesn’t sound as if Jaycee Dugard got to see a sports page. Box scores were not available to her from June 10, 1991 until Aug. 31 of this year. She never saw a highlight. Never got to the ballpark for Beach Towel Night. Probably hasn’t high-fived in a while. She was not allowed to spike a volleyball. Or pitch a softball. Or smack a forehand down the line. Or run in a 5-footer for double bogey. Now, that’s deprivation.

She also never ran. Discuss.

How difficult to adjust to such cataclysmic change? More than that, who’s going to explain the fact that there’s a President Obama?


Congratulations, Jaycee. You left the yard.

New York Post: “O wants Jaycee”

OPRAH Winfrey really wants the first interview with Jaycee Dugard, the now-29-year-old woman kidnapped and held captive for 18 years.

“I want that interview,” Winfrey told “The Insider.” “Like everyone else in this business I have my people working on that. It’s the first time I have ever called up my producers and said, ‘Are we on this story? Because I want that interview!’ “

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Jaycee Dugard Married Phillip Garrido, Best-Friend Tells All

phillip-garrido-bandJAYCEE Dugard: The National Enquirer has “THE REAL REASON KIDNAPPED JAYCEE DIDN’T RUN”.

Want to know why Jaycee Dugard didn’t run for Phillip and Nancy Garrido?

First up, we learn that Jaycee married Phillip Garrido in his garden paedo paradise. And she didn’t run because Garrido “brainwashed” Jaycee into believing that God wanted them to be together. And if she escaped then everyone would die.

How does the Enquirer know this? Well a “source” tells us. And the source has more:

“Garrido brought a tape player into the shed and began to play a tape of him singing one of his own songs. Apparently, in his deranged mind, he thought it would create a romantic setting. He forced Jaycee down onto a filthy mattress, telling her, ‘This is what God wants us to do.’”

Later she came to “love him”, so we learn. And she gave birth in the same shed, “sound-proofed to cover her screams”. And that Nancy Garrido was also “brainwashed” by Phil.

All facts, as Jaycee’s stepfather Carl Probyn, who actually lives with Jaycee, tells us:

“I don’t know if she was brainwashed, I don’t know if she was walking around on the street, I don’t know if she was locked under key for 18 years.”

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Jaycee Lee Dugard: Phillip Garrido Helped FBI

jaycee3JAYCEE Lee Dugard – Anorak’s look at Jaycee Dugard in the news: Experts baffled, Phillip Garrido cures and helps the FBI, and Lorraine Kelly entertains with missing kids…

First up, police who failed to spot the link between a convicted paedophile rapist with children in his garden and missing children, are now linking Phillip Garrido to pretty much every unsolved case in the last three decades:

CBS News: “Cop Seek Link Between Garrido and School Bus Murders”

Police in northern Nevada are scouring old records of major unsolved cases to determine if any match the profile of Phillip Garrido… one of the cold cases under review involves the murders of two children who also vanished near their school bus stop in Reno in 1989 — Jennifer and Charles Chia. That was a year after Garrido was paroled.

Or as the NY Post puts it: “Monster eyed in kid slays”

“Creepy Phil” Garrido and…

“There might not be any link between the cases and him, but we’d be crazy not to look at the possibility,” said Reno police Lt. Mike Whan.

Like “crazy Phil“. And creepy, too.

Anyhow CBS has spoken to more experts and they tell us:

But the road ahead for Jaycee and her daughters will likely be long. Rehabilitation in these types of cases is not easy, say experts.

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Jaycee Dugard: Rape Orgies, The Jaycee Dugard Barbie And Garrido Confesses

nancy-garridoJAYCEE Lee Dugard – Anorak’s look at Jaycee Dugard in the news: 140 perverts raped Jaycee, taking Madonna’s virginity, the Jaycee Dugard Barbie doll and Phillip Garrido confesses…

Daily Star: “Jaycee’s 140 local perverts.”

Jaycee Dugard lived in a “pervert’s paradise”.

Paradise for perverts is a dusty place in Antioch, California.

JAYCEE Lee Dugard was held captive for 18 years in a squalid neighbourhood crawling with paedophiles and rapists. Her kidnapper Phillip Garrido threw drunken orgies in his back yard and police suspect that local sex fiends took turns abusing Jaycee.

The contest to make this story even worse is being enjoyed by the Star.

More than 140 beasts are registered there after seeking refuge in the dreary, crime-ridden back- water following prison, as they could blend in there unnoticed… Detectives are now piecing together what happened to Jaycee and the two daughters Garrido fathered with her in captivity. Their fear now is that LSD junkie Garrido served up Jaycee like a piece of meat to his predator pals.

The fear is not the fact. The fear may even – get his – titillate the reader.

Polly White, 65, one of Garrido’s neighbours, said: “We found out there’s a predator living up the road and we were less worried about Garrido than the other one.’’

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Jaycee Lee Dugard: Orgies, Starlite And Angel Abused And Secret Sex Palace

jaycee-garridos1JAYCEE Lee Dugard – Anorak’s look at Jaycee Dugard in the news – Starlite and Angel abused by TV, Christine Murphy’s orgies predated Nancy Garrido, Phillip Garrido rapes Katie Callaway Halland and money for sex…

The press continue to specuatioe and salivate over Jaycee Dugard and Phillip and Nancy Garrido.

The Sun: “Their minds are blank”

THE two daughters Jaycee Lee Dugard had with twisted kidnapper Phillip Garrido know nothing about the outside world, The Sun can reveal. Starlite, 15, and Angel, 11, were “starved of information” by evil Garrido for years, say cops.

These are the girls we’ve seen at a party and who knew their neighbours? their minds were blank?

A senior officer in California said last night: “They are both intelligent kids but they are very naive about the real world. They have never watched TV and have no concept of maths, geography and history or anything outside their town of Antioch.”

According to the Sun not watching TV is a form of child abuse. You want to hear more of their horrors? Can you stand it?

The detective said: “They are being given TV microwave dinners and their favourite meat loaf meals. They have never had fizzy drinks so they get cooled water, which is what they are used to.”

Foodies will not know how to react – TV dinners (bad) but no fizzy drinks (good). Just what to make of the Garridos?

OC Register: “Friend says kidnap victim’s daughters are ‘normal'”

Jaycee Lee Dugard’s two children attended a 16th birthday party of a friend two weeks ago and appeared and behaved like normal kids, a business customer of Phillip Garrido told several media outlets today.

Cheyvonne Molino, a client of Garrido’s home-operated business, Printing for Less, said Dugard’s daughters – Starlet, 15, and Angel, 11 – were polite at the birthday party for Molino’s daughter, and are fans of the TV show “Hannah Montana.”

You want more facts?

Daily Telegraph: “Jaycee Lee Dugard: Philip Garrido’s first wife claims he had sick sex fantasies”

What, the man who served time for rape and kidnap and then kidnapped a child before raping her and giveng her two children was not right in the head? And what about the sexual fantasises? Tells us the details, for research purposes, natch.

Philip Garrido’s first wife has claimed he beat her, stabbed her in the face and begged her to take part in orgies. Christine Murphy met Garrido in high school and was just 19 and working in a casino in Reno, Nevada when they eloped and got married in 1973. She described how he then allegedly took LSD every day and became violent when she refused to play out his sexual fantasies.

Says Christine Murphy on the telly:

“Multiple partners is what he wanted, I wouldn’t go for that. “I was always looking for a way to get away. He’s a monster.”

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Jaycee Dugard’s Secret Emails, In Pictures

1712614JAYCEE Lee Dugard – Anorak’s look at Jaycee Dugard in the news: Nancy Garrido And Phillip Garrido’s wedding photographs, a bone found, Jaycee’s secret emails and brainwashed by rape…

Sky News: “Jaycee Police Find Bone At House Next Door”

Police investigating the kidnap of Jaycee Lee Dugard have found a bone at the property next door to the home of her alleged abductor.

A skull. Bet it’s a skull… A hooker’s skull…

It was too early to tell whether the piece of bone was animal or human, sheriff’s department spokesman Jimmy Lee said.

Be still, armchair detectives and ghoul spotters…

Former customers of Garrido’s printing business say they are not surprised.

Carla Kirkland told Sky News: “When I drove up and he met me out on the road I thought it was a strange area that has no real communication. I don’t want to say it’s a bad area, I just thought it was the perfect place for what he did.”

Do you see? Sky says lots of sex attackers live in the area, but names none, nor tells viewers how many.

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Jaycee Garrido Pictures: Starlite And Angel Cry

jaycee-lee-dugard-pictures2JAYCEE Lee Dugard – Anorak’s look at Jaycee Dugard in the news: Jaycee, Starlite Garrido and Angel Garrido all cried when police burst in and arrested Phillip Garrido and Nancy Garrido and took them away.

Picture Gallery

Sky News has more on the sensation:

Jaycee Lee Dugard and the two children she shared with Phillip Garrido, Starlite and Angel, cried when the arrest was made.

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Jaycee Dugard: Headless Body Found At Garrido Home

jaycee-garrido2JAYCEE Lee Dugard – Anorak’s look at Jaycee Dugard in the news – A naked woman’s headless body is found at Phillip Garrido and Nancy Garrido’s Antioch compound and ten more dead women and girls…

Inside Jaycee’s Dugard’s prison we journey, with the NOTW.

A boy whose home backed on to the Garrido compound said: “We all called him Creepy Phil. He was just weird. He just seemed like an oddball. He carried this strange machine around with him and we kept our distance.”

In a “Declaration of Affirmation”, Garrido claims to possesses a “divine machine”. A Garrido says:

The Creator has given me the ability to speak in the tongue of angels in order to provide a wake-up call that will in time include the salvation of the entire world.”

You can hear Phillip Garrido talk about his magic box here: Full Text Of Phillip Garrido’s Jail Radio Interview.

But if you really want to establish just how iffy the convicted rapist who kidnapped an 11-year-old girl, raped her, made her produce two of his children and then kept her prisoner in a tent for 18 years is, look at the toys in the house. Look. Do you see?

BROKEN LIVES: Headless Barbie brings home the horror

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Jaycee Lee Dugard’s Prison In Pictures

JAYCEE Lee Dugard’s prison at Phillip Garrido and Nancy Garrido’s home, in pictures:


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The Story Of Jaycee Dugard And Phillip Garrido, In Pictures

dugard_jaycee2JAYCEE Dugard has been found alive and physically well. Anorak now brings you her story in pictures, and that too of Phillip Garrido, the convicted paedophile accused of kidnapping her, raping her and impregnating her:

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Jaycee Dugard Rapist Phillip Garrido Linked To Madeleine McCann Abduction

jaycee-garridoMADELEINE McCann Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Madeleine McCann in the news – Jaycee Dugard And Our Maddie. Phillip Craig Garrido and his wife Nancy Garrido took Jaycee Dugard.

WHEN Jaycee Lee Dugard went missing she was her own person. Now she has returned to a post-Madeleine McCann world and the media is able to make sense of her abduction, rape and impregnation by known paedophile Phillip Garrido (he fathered two children with Jaycee Dugard) and his wife Nancy. Such is the impoverished state of journalism that the story of Jaycee Lee Dugard needs context:

Chris Ayres beat the world to the punch by linking Jaycee Dugard to Madeleine McCann and now his words appear in the Irish Independent, albeit under the title:

US ‘Maddy’ turns up 18 years after her abduction

The blonde, blue-eyed girl was 11 years old when she was abducted from outside her home near Lake Tahoe, California.

Blonde hair and blue eyes keeps the media interested.

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