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Burn hole cardigan worn by Kurt Cobain on MTV-Unplugged sells for $140,800

cobain sweater


The deeply unfashionable cardigan wort by Kurt Cobain on MTV: Unplugged in 1993 has been bought at auction for $140,800. The seller was a “friend” of the Cobain family.

Four months after the show, Cobain committed suicide.

Julien’s “Icons and Idols: Rock N Roll” auction advertised it thus:

A blend of acrylic, mohair and Lycra with five-button closure (one button absent), with two exterior pockets, a burn hole and discoloration near left pocket and discoloration on right pocket.


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Kurt Cobain Conspiracy Theorist Sues Seattle Police Department

In this photo taken Monday, Sept. 23, 2013, a phrase reportedly written by Kurt Cobain, the late frontman of Nirvana, remains on the wall of his room at his childhood home in Aberdeen, Wash. Cobain's mother is putting the tired, 1.5-story Aberdeen bungalow on the market this week, the same month as the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's final studio album. The home, last assessed at less than $67,000, is being listed for $500,000, but the family would also be happy entering into a partnership with anyone who wants to turn it into a museum. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

In this photo taken Monday, Sept. 23, 2013, a phrase reportedly written by Kurt Cobain, the late frontman of Nirvana, remains on the wall of his room at his childhood home in Aberdeen, Wash. 

WHEN a pop star dies, some people get a bit more mental in the way they approach the band. Instead of liking the band for what they are and weighing up whether or not to feel sad about the plight of the singer or, indeed, the fact there’ll be no more records from them, they get bug-eyed and start acting like evangelical Apple fanboys.

One man, called Richard Lee, is a Kurt Cobain death conspiracy theorist and he’s suing the Seattle Police Department. He used to have a public access TV show called ‘Kurt Cobain Was Murdered’. It’s no ‘Everybody Loves Ray’.

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Now Look What Their Doing To Kurt Cobain: He’s A Musical

Kurt Cobain's stash box

Kurt Cobain’s stash box


WHEN Kurt Cobain died, a whole generation lost one of their favourite icons. While he wasn’t necessarily a spokesperson for everyone through his songs, there was something very pleasing about his stance against business, phoney or otherwise. He was just about the only superstar who actively championed bands who needed the publicity as well.

Can you imagine any band now hailing the virtues of Teenage Fanclub and The Vaselines on international TV?

However, Cobain died and we didn’t see his like again. So what became of his legacy? Well, it didn’t take too long for unreleased music to get hastily stuck on some compilations and Nirvana t-shirts to get reissued by the buttload. And then Cobain appeared in a video game, which was fun but weird.

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Kurt Cobain’s Old Roomie Is Flogging His Old Stuff Online

AS well you know, Kurt Cobain is dead. He blew his mind out in a plaid shirt and a lot of people lost their favourite singer. It was terribly sad and inspired a lot of people.

Inspired them to do what? Well, try and make money from Cobain’s corpse mainly.

And so, to Kurt’s old roommate who says he’s selling a load of the deceased Nirvana shrieker’s belongings on Craigslist. Y’know, to save you from actually having to graverob in the first place.

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Rare Nirvana Footage Appears Online (And Other Greatest Vids)


RARE footage of Nirvana playing their last ever LA gig has been put online by someone who knew the band. Within months of the recording, Kurt Cobain would cut his life short and rid us all of a band who, whether you liked their music or not, were really fun to be around.

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1991: Nirvana’s first televised performance of Smells Like Teen Spirit and Kurt is unplugged and contracted in a Radio Shack

TWENTY years ago, Nirvana released In Utero. Anorak bought it. And played it loud. In 1991, Nirvana appeared on MTV’s 120 Minutes to perform Smells Like Teen Spirit. Grunge went mainstream.

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Stage disasters: the unlucky 13 pop stars for whom the show did not always go on

iggy pop

IN this Flashback, we look at State Disasters. The show doesn’t always go on

Beyoncé’s bad hair day had a happy ending – she extricated herself from the fan (mechanical, rather than maniacal in this case).

And at least she had the good humour to see the funny side afterwards – other victims of onstage disasters certainly didn’t. And one didn’t even live to tell the tale…


Syd Barrett

Early signs of the Pink Floyd front-man’s mental disintegration were apparent in 1967. That year he appeared on stage with an entire tube of Brylcreem in his hair into which – according to some accounts – he had crushed a handful of Mandrax tablets. Mandies or not, the lotion melted under the lights, leaving him looking like ‘a guttered candle’. The song Vegetable Man (unreleased) reflected Syd’s self-loathing at the time…


Arthur Brown

Arthur’s bad hair was in a league of its own, thanks to his famous flaming helmet, worn in honour of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown’s solitary hit, Fire. Its precursor – a colander soaked in methanol – was less successful. The fuel soaked into his scalp and set his head alight at the Windsor Festival in 1967. The fire was put out with beer.


Vince Taylor

The pioneering British rocker is remembered for two things: his classic single Brand new Cadillac and the mental problems, exacerbated by LSD and booze, which led to incidents such as declaring himself the apostle Matthew at one of his London concerts.

David Bowie was a friend of Taylor’s, and recalls encountering Taylor lying on the pavement in Caring Cross Road, studying a map of Europe and pointing out where UFOs would be landing. He later based the character of Ziggy Stardust on Taylor.


Keith Moon

So many to choose from, not least the time he overdosed and fell unconscious twice during a 1973 Who concert in California. After the second incident, Pete Townshend asked if there was a drummer in the audience, and the volunteer played the rest of the set.

Possibly the most spectacular mishap occurred when Moon detonated some powerful fireworks in his drum kit after the band’s 1967 appearance on the Smothers Brothers show. The explosion (7.20 onwards in the clip below) genuinely stunned the hosts, and is blamed by Townshend for his subsequent hearing problems.

Video here.


Frank Zappa


December 1971 was a bad month for the Mothers of Invention. First their equipment was set on fire by a flare fired from the audience during an appearance at the Casio de Montreux. The casino was razed to the ground, and, as a final indignity, the fire inspired Deep Purple to write Smoke on the Water.

Later that month a fan pushed Zappa off the stage at London’s Rainbow Theatre. He fell into the concrete orchestra pit, sustaining serious injuries to his head, neck, back and legs, and crushing his larynx. He was wheelchair-bound for a long period afterwards and his voice deepened significantly.


Patti Smith


The rock poet ‘did a Zappa’ in 1977, with a 15 foot fall into an orchestra pit in Tampa. She broke several vertebrae.


Harry Styles

One Direction’s young shaver was hit squarely in the other kind of ‘orchestra stalls’ by a shoe hurled from the audience during a performance in Glasgow earlier this year.




The Welsh rockers suffered a less dramatic shock in 2004 when Kelly Jones and Richard Jones were electrocuted at the Bataclan in Paris. Sparks flew but the band played on.


Kris Novoselic

The Nirvana bassist failed to catch his instrument after throwing it in the air during the 1992 Music Video Awards. Apparently he still has a dent in his head.


Iggy Pop

In 201o, Iggy Pop dived at the New York crowd; and missed.

“When I landed it hurt and I made a mental note that Carnegie Hall would be a good place for my last stagedive. The audience were just like, ‘What are you doing?'”



Les Harvey


The mother of all stage accidents occurred the following year during a Stone The Crows gig the Top Rank Suite in Swansea. Les Harvey (brother of The Sensational Alex) touched an unearthed microphone with wet hands and was killed on the spot.

And finally…




Our favourite. Life imitates art as the Irish megastars suffer a Spinal Tap moment – trapped inside a 40ft mechanical lemon. When the fruit malfunctioned the band were forced to clamber out of the back during their PopMart tour in Oslo.

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Homecoming Queen wants Nirvana in campaign video… just one problem

YOU know how Kurt Cobain famously killed himself and joined the infamous ’27 Club’ back in the ’90s? Well, one poor cheerleader missed the memo.

From Virginia, the cheerleader – running from Homecoming Queen – wrote to Sub Pop, asking if Nirvana would be in a campaign video, showing their support for her.

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End of Says signs No. 354b: Sir Paul McCartney fronts Nirvana

END of Days Signs No. 345b: Sir Paul McCartney will be standing in for Kurt Cobain at the front of Nirvana.

Was Ringo Starr busy?

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Kurt Cobain’s 50 favorite albums

THESE are Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain’s 50 favorite albums, as noted in his journals. There’s a Christmas compilation album in this…

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Courtney Love says sorry to daughter, not that anyone believes she’s any less mental (Dave Grohl tweets)

COURTNEY LOVE is, without doubt, the most insane person on planet Earth right now. More insane than an attic filled with Robert Mugabe’s self-portrait pyjamas.

If you missed it, Courtney has been saying that Dave Grohl tried to hump her daughter, Frances Bean. She also said that Grohl has a ‘rapey’ thing going on. Grohl dismissed the claims while Frances, the child Courtney had with Nirvana death boy Kurt Cobain, has called for twitter to ban her mother.

Ostensibly, everyone has slowly turned their back on the Hole frontwoman because she’s not only insane, but impressively annoying with it too. While our backs are collectively turned, Love has now started shouting again… and this time, she’s sorry.

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Kurt Cobain recorded inevitably awful solo album before he blew his brains up

KURT COBAIN committed suicide and, for many, it was awful. The people who felt it most are those who are in their early thirties now because they were not only massive fans of Nirvana, but they were slightly too young to attend any of their gigs, leaving them in some terrible limbo.

Of course, the second Cobain pulled the trigger, he became exempt from criticism and ensured that his back catalogue would forever be held in the highest regard. Looking after the musical legacy however, is a combination of people who hate each other so much that you’d be forgiven for thinking that Kurt did himself a massive favour by fleeing the monstrous characters he would’ve had to live with.

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Courtney Love to be evicted but she’ll shoot her weird mouth off first

IMAGINE being a very wealthy rockstar. First thing you’d do is buy a house, right? Financial security in bricks and mortar and all that. Well, if you’re Courtney Love, you’ll just not bother and squander your time instead making enemies of everyone you ever encounter.

Courtney Love picks on her own fans at shows, she lambasts the living members of Nirvana, she’s fallen out with her own band, she’s hated by her own daughter… it’s little wonder that her landlord hates her as well.

See, a few months ago, she set fire to her NYC townhouse and now her landlord wants her out. Like now. They’ve also said she owes a load of rent. She thinks otherwise.

Donna Lyon, who reportedly paid $8 million for the townhouse, started eviction proceedings against Love this week, claiming that Cobain’s widow was two months behind on the $27,000 monthly rent and had made unauthorized alterations to the property – which Lyon is currently trying to sell.

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Courtney Love To Write Not-Mental-In-Any-Way Autobiography

SHE may have a face like Janice from Dr Teeth’s band, but that hasn’t stopped Courtney Love from draping herself over various pieces of furniture and accidentally tweeting naked pictures of herself for all to see (see below).

She’s great isn’t she? That’s with the caveat of enjoying watching very long, slow nervous breakdowns.

And so, with that, you’ll be thrilled to learn that she’s writing her “no holds barred” memoir, which will once again see the Hole frontwoman digging up Kurt Cobain’s corpse and leaning on it so hard it snaps in two.

Let’s not forget her fondness for hoovering up drugs, her dependency on prescription drugs and the fact that her daughter, Frances, absolutely despises her, allegedly.

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Westboro Baptist Church Versus Foo Fighters!

WHILE the Foo Fighters have yet to kill or paste a single ‘Foo’, they’ve got a battle pressing. After they released their ‘Hot Buns’ video, they horsed around in the showers of a gas station, dressed like truckers and playing the whole homo-erotic thing for laughs.

And it is funny.

However, profoundly not-laughing are the pickled foetuses that make up the numbers at the Westboro Baptist Church who are going after The Nicest Band In Rock.

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Courtney Love Slags Lady GaGa Without A Trace Of Irony

SOME of you might think that Courtney Love is in no position to slate anyone else for anything, ever. And you’d be right because, of all the people in the celebsphere, she’s one of the most grotesque and worrying.

Shall we weigh it all up? She’s famous for being a strung-out heroin addict who had her baby taken off her. She’s a woman who has one of the most unusual faces on Earth thanks to getting plastic surgery from someone we can assume has Parkinson’s Disease. She’s taken to ranting garbled messages on Twitter, some of which attack her only daughter. She’s demented enough to have shagged Michael Stipe. She’s posted pictures of herself online with no clothes on, only to foam at the baps about how there’s some kind of conspiracy against her.

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