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Madeleine McCann: When Will It End?

by | 13th, May 2007

maddieposterportuthumb.jpgTHE search for Madeleine McCann goes on. And all we want to read is that she has been found alive and well.

But each day just brings more pictures of Madeleine McCann’s parents. Cameras in ther faces. Microphones to their lips. Watching them. But we have seen enough of the McCanns’ suffering.

A reward has been posted. The News of the World has put up a “record” £1.5 million reward for the safe return of Madeleine McCann. “POTTER GOLD,” says the headline as JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books, has offered £250,000.

Others have donated money: Simon Cowell, tycoon Philip Green, Richard Branson, Wayne Rooney, the England cricket team and more.

The money may work. When dealing with the lowest form of human life, money may trigger a reaction, a lead to find Madeleine. Appealing to the criminals’ better nature is hopeless. But will money affect they who stole Madeleine? How could they claim it and get away with their crime?

The reward may also trigger a lot of bogus calls, false claims from chancers afer the cash.

“COPS: MADDIE IS STILL ALIVE,” says the front page of the People. But they don’t know. Not for sure. To put this headline on the front page is bad reporting, offering false hope. It smacks of opportunism, using Madeleine to sell newspapers.

The News of the World has money. The People has Madeleine alive. And the Express has the group experience, turning Madeleine into “OUR MADELEINE”.

All that helps the effort to find Madeleine is good. But what more can be done?

But how long before Madeleine is moved from the front pages? Talk of the police in Portugal scaling down the hunt is a sign of nothing.

All hope of finding Madeleine McCann alive, if at all, is lost when the tabloids no longer feature her on their front pages.

And her family is left alone…

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