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Madeleine McCann: DNA, Robert Murat And Paedos

by | 2nd, June 2007

madeleine-mccann.jpg“MADELEINE: NEW DNA CLUE TO KIDNAP.”

Odd indeed that amid all the public spectacle and voyeurism there is front-page news of the criminal case.

The Express says: “Detectives believe that they have found the DNA of Madeleine McCann’s kidnapper.”

Now DNA, modern policing’s smoking gun and bloodstained overalls, has been located at the crime scene the villain can be brought to justice. And, maybe, Madeleine will be found.

Suspect Evidence 

DNA belonging to six people was found at the McCanns’ apartment. There are five McCanns. A Portuguese police source says: “There is a new suspect. This could be vital evidence in the search for Madeleine.”

But who is this sixth person?

The Express says it is a stranger. And they really do mean a stranger. The DNA sample does not belong to Robert Murat, suspect number one, the only suspect. A spokesman for Murat says he “welcomed” the new evidence. Tuck Price says his client is “anxiously awaiting the chance to rebuild his reputation”.

But Murat cannot go just yet. The Express says he has been warned he could still face charges over pornography found on his computer. Mud sticks. And in itself the DNA proves nothing.

So who is the sixth person? This is a vital clue. Right? A source at the Instituto Nacional de Medicina Legal laboratory in Coimbra says: “It is an important step in the investigation but the truth is that the DNA cannot be matched with any records. The evidence is very vague.”

So the police have DNA but no idea what to do with it. Indeed, the only people who could be cleared by this apparent breakthrough are Robert Murat and Russian “geek” Sergey Malinka, who has been questioned by Portuguese police.

The Express says the “best hope” is to pass it over to British police. As the Express notes, the UK has the world’s largest DNA database, “which includes the records of known paedophiles and anyone convicted of a sex crime.”

It also features the DNA of people who spit on buses. It is very thorough.
Meanwhile, the papers are focusing on the McCanns latest press conference.

Speculation And Paedos 

Gerry McCann says: “We pray that she is being looked after and it is someone who wanted a little girl for their own who would look after her very well.

“We also pray that the person who has her gives her up voluntarily and drops her at a church or a safe place.”

Right they should keep the public focus on the story. And appeal for help.

But why should a journalist ask the McCanns if they think Madeleine has been kidnapped by a paedophile? Why does Getty McCann feel obliged to say: “It is a more upsetting scenario than any other. We have considered all scenarios as everyone has”?

What do we learn from that? The evidence is being gathered but the speculation remains rife. And we are watching the parents…

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