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SOS Madeleine McCann: Toscano And El Frances

by | 14th, July 2007

FROM Paulo Reis in Portugal:

After delivering some documents to Portuguese CID officers at Police headquarters in Portimão and spending almost 15 minutes in the bathroom, the Spanish “investigative journalist” Antonio Toscano went out and told the Press that those documents to Polícia Judiciária contained new elements to reinforce his theory that Madeleine McCann is alive and well, with people that is part of the “logistics” of a person known in European paedophile circles as “El Francés”.

Antonio Toscano was interviewed by “SOS Madeleine”, a French blog, and said that he “never identified ‘El Francés’ as Bernard Alapetite“, an adult movies producer who was sentenced, in 2000, to three years in jail for selling copies of pornographic movies with children, bought at an Eastern European country. Anyway, Antonio Toscano thinks that Bernard Alapetite “should be questioned by Portuguese and Spanish criminal Police about Madeleine McCann abduction” (…)”

Which make us wonder what Toscano knows and if he is intersted in the case and justice or concerned only in promoting his name and appearing on Spanish daytime telly. Is he a hoaxer? A ghoul? Is there a book in it?

And was Anorak’s man in Portugal right all along about Madeleine McCann’s Wearside Jack?
Weeks of reporting on the missing girl. But has it achieved anything other than turning the McCanns into celebrities, spreading anxiety and explotiating paedophila without advancing any argument or debate?

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