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Madeleine McCann: We Love To Watch, A Link To Hillary Clinton And A New Witness

by | 21st, November 2007

kate_gerry_mccann.jpgMADDY WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann

DAILY MIRROR front page: “SIGHTING SENSATION – I saw Maddy & Murat girl”

Page 9: “’I saw Maddy and Murat’s girl in Morocco’”

Isabel Gonzalez is back. It was Isabel Gonzalez who told the world she had seen Madeleine McCann in Morocco. Now she says: “I’ve always been sure the girl I saw was Madeleine and now I’m sure the blonde woman I saw was Murat’s girlfriend” – Michaela Walczuch

She told the police. And now she has told the McCanns’ private detectives

Says Clarence Mitchell: “We’re keeping an open mind”

Says Michaela Walczuch: “These claims are so bizarre I have no comment”

THE SUN front page: “Maddie ‘seen in gang’s clutches’”

A trucker says he saw a blonde woman handing a child wrapped in a blanket to a man in Silves, 25 miles from Praia da Luz

He has told the McCanns’ private detectives of what he saw back on May 5

Page 9: “Is this where Maddie was handed to paedos?”

Says a source: “The detectives are working on the theory Madeleine was identified as an easy target, stolen to order and then handed over to a paedophile gang. Because of all the publicity she became too dangerous to keep – and was passed on or sold. The detectives believe she was taken to North Africa, either on a boat from Portugal or via Spain on a ferry to Tangier. They believe they can find the vehicle seen in Silves. It’s an unusual make and colour in Portugal”

And news from “Isabel” Gonzalez

“TAPAS 7 TO BE QUIZZED SOON” – “COPS plan to re-question the Tapas Seven within days in a bid to break their “pact of silence”, reports Portuguese newspaper Jornal de Noticias

DAILY EXPRESS front page: “MADELEINE – I SAW HER WITH MURAT’S GIRL IN MOROCCO. Witness’s sensational claim”

Isabel Gonzalez is 60. She is a Spanish mother of six”.

They see Madeleine in the Moroccan town of Zaio. They return to look for her. Says Senora Gonzalez: “It was then that I saw the European-looking couple. It was a blonde woman and a very pale-skinned man with dark hair. They seemed completely out of place as the town is very remote and everyone else there was Moroccan.”

She adds: “After seeing the news reports I am convinced the woman was Murat’s girlfriend. I never saw the blonde woman with Madeleine but I have always connected the two events”

Such is the Express’ front-page news

Page 7: “Gang smuggled Madeleine” – A truck driver sees child in a blanket. A source at the McCanns’ detective agency says: “The witness later identified the woman as Michaela Walczuch after he was shown some pictures. He phoned us with his report about two to three weeks ago…We think it could have been the moment Madeleine was handed over by the original kidnappers”

“Child neglect prosecution fails” – Anthony Bennett’s request that the McCanns’ be sued for child neglect has failed

DAILY MAIL front page: “MADELEINE – the suspect, his girlfriend and an intriguing new sighting in Morocco”

Pages 10-11: “Maddie and the suspects’ lover – ‘I saw Murat’s girl in same place as child says witness”

Isabel Gonzalez says she is “sure” a blonde woman she saw on June 15 was 34-year-old Michaela Walczuch

Gonzalez “described how she saw a little blonde girl being dragged across a street and thought immediately: ‘That’s Madeleine.’ The child was with an older woman in a Muslim headscarf, who was walking fast and trying to hide her face from passing cars. Mrs Gonzalez said the girl’s floppy hat was blown back by a gust of wind to reveal her face, She looked ‘very sad and scared’”

A dark-skinned Muslim woman with a blonde child? Like this one?

“Tawdry tangle of Brit and blonde who preached Jehovah” – Miss Walczuch “reportedly spent some weekends knocking on doors in search of potential Jehovah’s Witness converts, while Murat said he was studying to join the movement”

“LAWYER’S NEGLECT CASE IS THROWN OUT” – Anorak reader Anthony Bennett’s petition to have the McCanns’ charged with child neglect is thrown out after a district judge court ruled that a British court could not have jurisdiction over something that happened in Portugal

DAILY STAR front page: “MADDIE: CHARGE THE PARENTS – Brits want McCanns in the dock”

In a Daily Star phone poll yesterday, 86% said Kate and her husband Gerry, both 39, should be charged with child neglect

What good can be gained from charging the McCanns?

Page 11: “Big to crack 7 pals ‘secret’” – The Tapas 7 might be interviewed by police

DAILY TELEGRAPH: “Madeleine McCann ‘given to child trafficker’”

Speaking about the claims that a woman had been seen with Madeleine, Clarence Mitchell says: “This is only one line of investigation that is being explored. The witness who claims to have seen Madeleine being transferred (on May 5) was thoroughly interviewed face to face by an investigator from Metodo 3 and was deemed to be a credible witness”

THE TIMES: “Coming soon: fab females in distress – Whether it’s Hillary, Meredith, Madeleine or Paula, we love to watch women suffer. They do it so beautifully”

We love to watch Madeleine McCann suffer?

Says Helen Rumbelow, watching Hillary Clinton: “Violence against women, although in this case entirely conducted through political metaphor, has the thrill of any great taboo, where our conscious disapproval vies with our unconscious fascination”

Hillary Clinton linked to Madeleine McCann…

“Madeleine and Meredith [Kercher – murdered in Italy] make for a dolorous pair: an abducted girl, and an attractive, murdered young woman. In the McCann case the theme of benighted femininity is only amplified by the public anguish of Kate McCann, who, for the past half year has served as our beautiful, empty-handed pieta”

Is the Times featuring A-level essays on feminism and the media?

THE GUARDIAN: “McCann special boosts Panorama ratings”

The McCanns are entertainment

“The public’s enduring fascination with the Madeleine McCann case boosted BBC1’s flagship current affairs programme Panorama last night by 3 million viewers…The show narrowed the gap with ITV1’s reality show I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!”

THE INDEPENDENT: No Madeleine news

The story so far…

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