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Madeleine McCann: Scare Stories, Kate McCann’s Job And No Mari Luz

by | 18th, February 2008

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“Detectives searching for Madeleine McCann are now investigating a spate of attempted child abductions across Portugal.

“At least five kidnap attempts have been reported in the past month, leading officers from the Madeleine team to examine the details for possible connections.”

What of the headline “link” to Madeleine McCann – well, the alleged attempted kidnappings all occurred in Portugal

But “Last week Justice Minister Alberto Costa revealed that the head detective, Paulo Rebelo, was coming to the end of his case”, says the WORLD’S GREATEST NEWSPAPER

Says Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns’ spokesman: “It’s alarming to hear that this sort of thing can happen, particularly in a country that is so aware of the potential for abduction”

: “Maddy: 5 scares in Portugal”

Police searching for Madeleine McCann are also investigating five attempted child abductions in northern Portugal. They began when a nine-year-old girl was bundled into a car as she got off her school bus. Two more children were attacked last month and last Thursday two men tried to lure a girl of nine into a car. Last Saturday, another child escaped abduction. One police source said: “It is causing a lot of alarm.”

DAILY MAIL: “Madeleine McCann’s disappearance is ‘linked to a string of child abductions'”

Police investigating Madeleine McCann’s disappearance have been alerted over a spate of attempted child abductions in northern Portugal, it has been revealed. At least four children have been targeted in the last month in the region of Coimbra, where a nine-year-old girl escaped from an abductor in December.

It’s five children. The Express and Mirror both say its five

KATE McCANN: “Meanwhile, it is understood Kate McCann is quitting her job as a locum GP to devote her life to children’s charities. Mrs McCann has not returned to work since Madeleine’s disappearance in May and has reportedly told friends she feels she has a lot to offer charity organisations.

THE SCOTSMAN: “Torment of Madeleine’s family ‘is like being crucified’”

Kate McCann’s mother Susan Healey says: “It is almost like being crucified day to day. I read the most stupid things about Kate not crying enough or whatever”

Adding: “Kate and Gerry know they made a mistake and shouldn’t have left the children, they know that, but they certainly don’t deserve what has happened to them. If the Portuguese can’t find out what happened to Madeleine, we have to find out. There is no way Madeleine will fade into insignificance”

Gerry McCann is a “surgeon”

IRISH INDEPENDENT: “Missing Amy’s parents offer cash reward”

The parents of missing Irish expat Amy Fitzpatrick have offered a cash reward for information on her whereabouts. Franco Rey, spokesman for Amy’s Stepfather David Mahon and Amy’s mum Audrey, said: “A substantial reward is on offer to anyone who can provide reliable information on Amy’s whereabouts. Any information received will be treated within the strictest confidence.”


Dubliner Mr Mahon (36) has also travelled to Tangiers in northern Morocco to investigate the possibility the teenager was snatched and taken to Africa.

Rewards have also been offered for missing Briton Madeleine McCann and missing Spanish girl Mari Luz Cortes. The family of five-year-old Mari Luz, snatched from her home in Huelva in south-west Spain on January 13, is offering €300,000 for information on her whereabouts. Rewards totalling £2.6m were offered within 10 days of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance on May 3 last year from the Algarve holiday resort of Praia da Luz.

TYPICALLY SPANISH: “parents of missing Mari Luz are against her image being used in a Madeleine McCann poster campaign”

Mari Luz’s father, Juan José Cortés, said after a meeting with Manuel Chaves, President of the Junta de Andalucía, this weekend, that, while he is not against collaborating in the search for Madeleine and ‘even helping to draw up a poster of all the missing youngsters,’ the lines of investigation into the disappearance of the two young girls are distinct, and are being carried out in two separate countries. EFE [Spanish news agency] said he is considering taking legal action for using his daughter’s image for the campaign.

Madeleine McCann: No news is news

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