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Seal Attempts Sex With A King Penguin

by | 2nd, May 2008

penguin-sex.jpgBROWSING the Journal of Ethology, the Anorak happens upon the case of the Antarctic fur seal attempting coitus with a king penguin.

This might have been going on for years, but that it should come to light now is not without scientific interest.

“At first glimpse, we thought the seal was killing the penguin,” says Nico de Bruyn, of the Mammal Research Institute at the University of Pretoria, South Africa.

“But then we realised that the seal’s intentions were rather more amorous.”

The effect of the 100kg seal subduing the 15kg penguin by lying on it brings to mind the uncomfortable image of a be-jumpered John Prescott wresting with a packet of chocolate covered biscuits, penguins, naturally.

The intercourse is ultimately unsuccessful.

“It was most certainly a once-off and has never previously or since been recorded anywhere in the world to our knowledge,” says de Bruyn.

Other instances of interesting couplings feature man and bicycle, man and fence, and man and Kitkat

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