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Fritzl Watch: Hitler’s Brothel, Josef Fritzl’s Bunker And England Invades

by | 7th, May 2008

hitller-fritzl.jpgFRITZL Watch: Anorak’s look at Josef Fritzl, Elisabeth Fritzl, Nazis and assorted Frtizls in the news

THE SUN (front page): “Inside Fritzl’s other dungeon”

To the dungeon room at Villa Ostende, a brothel in Linz where a blonde prostitute says: “I was hired by him many times and he was sick beyond imagination. He chose me because he said he liked young, plump girls who were happy to submit to him.”

Did you know that “Adolf Hitler was among its former clients”?

Barman Christoph Flugel tells us: “Ninety-five per cent of the guests are entirely normal, three per cent are slightly ‘derailed’. Fritzl belonged to the last two per cent of extreme perverts.”

Which group he’d put Hitler in was not enlarged upon, although he was something of a prude and insited on keeping his socks on. Those kinky Nazis.

Meanwhile, back at the house:

“Pipework is also being checked after Fritzl bragged he would turn the cellar into a Nazi-style gas chamber if the kids disobeyed him.”

Those Austrian really are obsessed with Nazis. Perhaps we should invade before it gets outyof hand, again?

THE lawyer representing Fritzl, Rudolf Mayer, yesterday claimed he had received death threats from English soccer fans planning to travel to Euro 2008 games in Austria.

Cue the theme song to Escape To Victory. We’re going in…

DAILY TELEGRAPH: “MPs from Austria’s two far-Right parties, the Alliance for the Future of Austria and the Freedom Party, have demanded castration for repeated sex offenders, plus compulsory examinations of children for the purpose of detecting sexual abuse.”

All kinder will have their genitalia examined and probed for signs of interference and deformity.

That is alles. (Perhaps Lorraine Kelly and the GMTV doctor can help out?)

The Fritzl children, as well as their mother and even his wife, Rosemarie, who has been declared victim and not a suspect by police, could also claim damages that would emerge in the future as a result of their psychological trauma and the psychical abuse following years of imprisonment in the underground bunker.

What is a cellar a bunker? When it’s in Austria.

RABBLE (Canada): “Even if you ignore Austria’s wild enthusiasm for Hitler and the energy with which they went about organizing the killing of Jews during the Second World War, this is the country that elected Kurt Waldheim in 1986 despite his Nazi past, and the Nazi apologist Jorg Haider as governor in the state of Corinthia. Studies repeatedly show that Austrians are still deeply anti-Semitic, even more than the Swiss are, which is quite something. Nearly half of them would not wish to live next door to a Jew (not that they’re going to have to, Austria’s Jews having almost been wiped out during the war). That’s a moral blot.

“But I admire Austrians for their genuine anguish over the Amstetten case.”

And they do make excedingly good cakes…


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