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Naomi Campbell Dodges The Tabloid Detective Agency

by | 21st, June 2008

campbell-cpf.jpgWAS it happy coincidence that Naomi Campbell’s appearance in court should coincide with Amy Winehouse’s removal from polite society (she’s in hospital) and an intermission in Pete Doherty’s Courtroom Tour?

Or can it be that celebrity misdermeanors work to a preordained timetable? Sensitive to the needs of the CPF (Celebrity Police Force), who with limited resources cannot expect to be photographed with celebrity liggers at the same time, celebrities work to a schedule.

Yesterday it was Campbell’s turn to be photographed with the CPF, and the Mail leads with pictures of the happy event.

So too the Sun, which says “raging supermodel Naomi Campbell hurled vile ABUSE and PUNCHED, KICKED and SPAT at cops” in a full and frank exchange of views at Heathrow Airport.

Campbell’s bag had been mislaid and her reaction sees her sentenced to 200 hours community service and a £2,945 fine.

The incident, transcribed in full, features Campbell yelling the line: “F*** off, I’ve paid five grand for this seat and I have a right to be on this plane. You can’t touch me, my cousin’s Scotland Yard.”

No jail or secure ward for Campbell, and the Sun is less than pleased. Having failed in its quest to get Winehouse and Paul Burrell arrested, the Sun’s Tabloid Detective Agency is on hard times.

Says the Sun: “Campbell also attacked The Sun, saying the newspaper wanted her in jail.”
Indeed. The paper conjures former Scotland Yard Commander John O’Connor to say: “This is a disgrace. She basically got away with it. It’s one rule for the rich and famous and one rule for the rest of us.”

For sure – the rich get their fracas broadcast on the nation’s front pages; the rest of are lucky if we make the local rag…

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