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John Prescott On Jodie Marsh On Class

by | 21st, August 2008

THAT’S John Prescott licking the face of the Jodie Marsh biscuit on the Express’s cover.

Says the headline: “Don’t fret Pauline! I’m just discussing class with this young lady.”

She’s Jodie Marsh, the strumpet who once invited music television viewers to take her “up the aisle”. It’s “2 Jags Meets 2 Jugs,” observes the Sun, and readers are left to wonder which of Prescott or Marsh has the larger bust and the bigger “parking space”.

“Looks like John Prescott could be spending another night on the couch…,” says the Mirror, although more likely Prescott would be at his desk, and his wife Pauline rejoicing in her own pit.

Says an onlooker:

“If you didn’t know any better you would have thought he was her sugar daddy. Despite their obvious difference in lifestyles they seemed to get on like a house on fire.”

Or a crotch on fire. As the Sun puts it:

“One of these two people has screwed half of Britain — and the other is Jodie Marsh.”

So why are they together? Is this a new force in British politics? Notes the Mail:

The Hull East MP was dining with Miss Marsh to ask her views on the British class system. The odd couple were filming their meeting of minds for his BBC2 documentary Prescott On Class, to be aired this autumn.

Prescott on Marsh on class… Better then Prescott on Marsh on the croquet lawn

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