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The Recurring Nightmare Of Barack Obama’s Death

by | 26th, August 2008

IT’S The Barack Obama Death Cult. It’s the fear that grips us all…

In “Target Obama: An American nightmare”, Ian Munro tells The age and its reader how Barack Obama must die:

IT IS a recurring American nightmare, a fear that haunts a nation and that has stalked every presidential candidate since the Kennedys.

Or the Lincolns. An not just the presidents, but all the candidates too. Anyone try to kill Ralph Nader? H. Ross Perot? Walter Mondale? And if not, why not? What’s their secret? And should Barack Obama model himself on Mondale?

In truth, fears for Senator Obama have been omnipresent since the moment he emerged last year as a serious contender to become the first black man nominated by a major party for the presidency.

He’s black?

It is risky enough being a white presidential candidate; being black adds another potential dimension of risk to the job.

It does? Is this why no-one shot Mondale? What about Michael Dukakis, then? And what are the odds on a black presidential candidate being shot? What does history teach us about that? The statistics say he has no chance of being shot.

But statistics can lie…

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