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Madeleine McCann: Rose Ron, Murder And Portugal’s Bermuda Triangle For Missing Kids

by | 27th, August 2008

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SKY NEWS: “Tragic Case Of Israel’s Madeleine”

One day on from the news of Israel’s “our Maddie”, Sky news leads with “Israel’s our Maddie”. As Anorak readers know Israel’s our Maddie is called Rose Ron. Sky News – First for breaking news…

Rose Ron is missing. Rose Ron was missing:

No-one seemed to really notice until her grandfather walked into a Tel Aviv police station two weeks ago and confessed to her murder.

No-one? Subtext: Sky News didn’t notice.

Recounting his actions, Ronny Ron told police he got angry with Rose during a car journey and hit her. After he struck her and did not hear any sounds he realised she was dead. In his panic, he claims to have stuffed her body into a suitcase and thrown it into a river. Speaking in court, he called her death a ‘tragic mistake’.

So Israel’s Maddie is similar to our Maddie because..? And do bear in mind that none of our Maddie’s family members are accused of any hand in her disappearance. Indeed, Kate and Gerry McCann have been cleared. so too has Robert Murat. Sky commented on him…

“I have handled many investigations,” said the Israeli district police commander on Israeli radio. “But I can not recall a single other investigation that turned all our stomachs, that all of us come out of the investigation briefings with tears in their eyes.”

No, not our Maddie, but their Maddie…

THE TIMES: “The sad life and death of Rose, Israel’s Madeleine McCann”

You know, the French girl called Rose Ron..?

Rose, the little girl with haunted blue eyes and ashy blonde hair has been called the Israeli Madeleine McCann.

Yeah, blonde. Well, blonde-ish. Not as blonde as our Maddie, the original Maddie. But then she is a foreigner…

THE SUN: “Party Brit’s girl taken into care”

The Sun’s VERONICA LORRAINE is in Portimao, Portugal. She needs a story quick. She finds one, sort of:

A GIRL of eight was taken into care after her British mum went partying and left her alone in their holiday apartment — a few miles from where Madeleine McCann was snatched.

Jeeze! Just think what could have happened… Remember them?

Portimao is less than 25 miles from Praia da Luz, where Maddie vanished in May last year just before her fourth birthday.

Praia da Luz is the Bermuda Triangle for missing kidz. Fact!

The Sun understands the mum had been urged by a doctor to avoid drink on holiday as she was on medication to combat alcohol-related problems and depression.

How very understanding…

But she ignored the advice, went out boozing and ended up needing hospital treatment.

Some people. Tsk!

Police handed her frightened daughter to a temporary care home in Faro. After being assessed there she was transferred to a children’s home in nearby Loule.

A Portuguese children’s home…. Noooooo!

Madeleine McCann: Accept no substitute…

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