Anorak News | Madeleine McCann: Maddie For Rose Ron, Praia Da Luz Moves And Whacking Stephanie Bysh

Madeleine McCann: Maddie For Rose Ron, Praia Da Luz Moves And Whacking Stephanie Bysh

by | 28th, August 2008

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THE SUN: “Hol mum of left girl faces jail”

To Portugal…

A BRITISH mum whose daughter was taken into care on holiday faces up to ten years in jail.

It’s “cash-strapped Stephanie Bysh”.

What do we know about here?

She a brunette. And, as reported, she and one Ariella D’Gamo were “sleeping on the streets before a friend took them in. The worried pal took the eight-year-old girl to cops in Lagos, Portugal. She is now staying at a children’s home.”

How does Madeleine McCann fit in?

Bysh fled the resort — near where Madeleine McCann disappeared in May 2007 — but collapsed with kidney problems in Portimao 15 miles away.

That close, eh. Yesterday the incident was 25 miles from where our Maddie went missing. Such are the facts.

DAILY MAIL: “Fears the ‘Israeli Madeleine McCann’ has been killed by her own mother and grandfather”

You mean Rose Ron’s grandfather who told police that he had killed the 4-year-old?

What more of their Maddie?

At its heart lies the bizarre love triangle in which little Rose’s grandfather fell in love with his son’s young bride and fathered two more daughters with her. Police say the grandfather has admitted killing the child and dumping her in a river, but no body has been found and there is no forensic evidence proving her death.

Just like our Maddie, then? It’s uncanny.

Ha’aretz (Israel): “’Sick twist’: World media plays up story of ‘Israeli Madeleine McCann’”

Rose Ron is missing. She’s been given the nickname Maddie…

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