Anorak News | Credit Crunch: Foreigners Are All Potential Terrorists, Says Government

Credit Crunch: Foreigners Are All Potential Terrorists, Says Government

by | 1st, September 2008

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Says the FT:

Those walking the streets of London late at night may soon be at risk of being mugged by gangs of investment bankers, driven to acts of desperate violence by the travails of the credit markets.

That was not exactly the message of a leaked document from the Home Office; it provides, instead, a catalogue of ways in which economic strains may or may not lead to crime.

The credit crunch will get us all. The credit crunch is out to get us. It may be disguised as Gary Glitter:

Other chains of logic are stretched to extravagant lengths: economic hardship may turn more people into racists, which may aggrieve victims of racism, which may lead to more terrorist attacks.

The draft letter from Home Secretary Jacqui Smith to Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s office promises:

“There is a risk of a downturn increasing the appeal of far-right extremism and racism, which presents a threat as there is evidence that grievances based on experiencing racism are one of the factors that can lead to people becoming terrorists.

The far right are not terrorists, do you see. It’s the victims of the far right that become terrorists. Ergo: foreigners who want to take your jobs, enslave you and rape your pets (source: Daily Express and far right literature) are potential terrorists.

Migrant workers are terrorist timebombs wating to go off. Kaboom!


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