Anorak News | Sarah Palin: John McCain Endorses Levi Johnston

Sarah Palin: John McCain Endorses Levi Johnston

by | 4th, September 2008

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Yesterday the tabloids looked just past Sarah Palin’s moose ears and talked about her daughter, two-wombs Bristol. Today the broadsheets notice the pregnant teen, and the BBC just stares…

BBC: Main story – she reacted to her critics with “all guns blazing”. Is that a pun? Does she shoot hawks or doves?

Says BBC Breakfast’s Louise Minchin – who addresses viewers in the manner of a primary school teacher bringing out the big felt tips – “she hit back at her commentators in the press”.

Not just the press, Minchin. What Palin said was:

“But here’s a little news flash for all those reporters and commentators: I’m not going to Washington to seek their good opinion – I’m going to Washington to serve the people of this country.”

Not the “press”, but reporters and commentators, like those employed by the, er, BBC…

But that of the real story – what of Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter, the pregnant one, who hasn’t already got a child? What about Bristol?

THE TIMES (front page): “Meet the parents-to-be: the new Republican family.”

It’s Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston – “the self-styled redneck” – shaking hands with John McCain.

The front-page news is that Johnston “declares in his Facebook entry that he does not want to have children”.

More US political baby news on page 36 and 37.

The INDEPENDENT (front page): “Meet the parents”

“Sarah Palin…watches as her daughter Bristol’s boyfriend, Levi Johnston…is greeted by John McCain as she arrives in Minnesota for the Republican convention. Bristol… is expecting a baby”

More US political baby news on pages 20—23.

FINANCIAL TIMES (front page): “Family ties – McCain embraces Palin”

“John McCain…greets the family of vice-president running mate, Sarah Plain… Mr McCain made a point of talking to Levi Johnston, boyfriend of Ms Palin’s pregnant teenage daughter, Bristol”

More US political baby news on pages 6 and 10…

Vote Sarah Palin – for better headlines…

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