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Madeleine McCann: Looking For 1 Million, Raonaid Murray And Amaral’s Book

by | 6th, September 2008

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Kate and Gerry McCann Exclusive: We’ve spent £1m hunting Maddy – EXCLUSIVE McCanns vow to keep searching

THE SUN: “McCanns spend £1m on Maddie search” – Not exclusive.

THE MIRROR: “The couple have shielded the twins from what few facts are known about Madeleine’s disappearance in May last year.”

A few facts? There is only one fact: a child disappeared.

Gerry revealed: “They realise Madeleine is not here but they don’t know the details.”

What details?

DAILY MAIL: “Kate McCann: We’ve spent £1m trying to find Madeleine”

Speaking about their spending on the search for Madeleine, Kate said: ‘It’s a lot of money but we can’t set a limit. A child does not have a price. We will pay what we have to.”

A child might have a price. Isn’t that part of the fear?


Fury. Always the fury.

KATE McCann has broken her dignified silence to attack the Portuguese detective who led the bungled hunt for Madeleine. She slated Goncalo Amaral for failing to find her little girl and for trying to cash in on the tragedy by writing a book

Tsk! Writing on the McCann saga for profit. The Express (10p cheaper than the Mail) is right to be outraged. What scum would do such a thing..?

As for Kate’s fury…

Says Kate McCann in Expresso, a Portuguese newspaper: “They could still have arrested us, couldn’t they? They could have stopped us from going home.”

Fury, indeed…

Says Gerry McCann: “I will be honest. We have got no idea whether Madeleine is alive or not. What we are certain of is that there is absolutely no evidence.”

Says Clarence Mitchell:

“Kate and Gerry have chosen to speak out to an element of the Portu¬guese media because they firmly believe that there may well be important information that somebody knows in Portugal. They will do everything they can to generate new leads.”

IRISH INDEPENDENT: “’I cannot bring myself to walk down the road where she died’”

Just after midnight on September 4, 1999, Raonaid Murray was murdered savagely with a knife only 500 yards from her home in the south Dublin suburb of Glenageary.

Terrible. And Madeleine..?

Sean Hammond, a lecturer in forensic psychology at University College Cork, says high-profile murders can often have a profound impact on our behaviour and our feelings of safety. “They can leave an indelible mark. Even though the risks may be very low, people may no longer feel that it is safe to walk the streets at night. If you take a case like that of Madeleine McCann, people would have adjusted their behaviour towards their children as a result of that.”

Madeleine McCann: the benchmark of pain

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