Anorak News | Russell Brand’s Retarded Call For World President Obama

Russell Brand’s Retarded Call For World President Obama

by | 8th, September 2008

THE BBC is leading with news of MTV’s 25th annual Video Music Awards.

It features Britney Spears, and the news that she didn’t do anything newsworthy, and Russell Brand, the try-hard comedian and watered down Jerry Sadowitz.

Brand has got his big break. What will risqué, outrageous, cray-zee Russell do? And note that the man whose style he apes began a show in Canada with “Hell Moose-f*****s” and a gig for anti-racism with “Nelson Mandela… What a ****!”

Says Russell Brand:

“Please, America, elect Barack Obama. On behalf of the world.”

That’s right, Brand thinks Barack Obama is going to be president of the world. He also thinks the average brace-faced American teenager cares for politics.

US rapper Kanye West was in the crowd. He is seen whooping. The hope is, one presumes, that the white youth in the vanilla suburbs who buy West’s music will whoop and vote as he directs.

Brand then apologises to an act called the Jonas Brother for making fun of their purity rings, the jewellery that lets all perverts know you are untouched.

The edgy comic apologises. For shame. He then says George Bush, who the US electorate voted in twice as their leader, was “retarded”, or as British audiences might have it a “spasmo”.

“I’m famous in the United Kingdom,” says Brand.

And the BBC broadcasts the slur and the electioneering, and its self-regarding Breakfast telly presenters keep on smiling…

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