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Sarah Palin And Average White Trash

by | 8th, September 2008

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Sam Harris writes in the LA Times: “Palin: average isn’t good enough – She’s not qualified to be president, and in picking her, McCain shows that he has little respect for the presidency.”

First up, the John McCain death cult:

The actuarial tables on the Social Security Administration website suggest that there is a better than 10% chance that McCain will die during his first term in office. Needless to say, the Reaper’s scything only grows more insistent thereafter.

Gotta have a death cult of your want to be President. It’s one of the qualifications.

Americans have an unhealthy desire to see average people promoted to positions of great authority. No one wants an average neurosurgeon or even an average carpenter, but when it comes time to vest a man or woman with more power and responsibility than any person has held in human history, Americans say they want a regular guy, someone just like themselves…

Leader to represt, or a leader who is representative?

McCain has so little respect for the presidency of the United States that he is willing to put the girl next door (soon, too, to be a grandma) into office beside him. He has so little respect for the average American voter that he thinks this reckless and cynical ploy will work.

Hard to respect average. But America can vote. Americans have voted for McCain. They can vote for him again, if they like. Or they can abstain.

But even better than this article are some of the comments. The pick of which:

Now I officially despise John McCain for his dangerously ignorant decision, and I despise Sarah Palin for her hubris. She has absolutely no business as second-in-command, and were she not such a narcissist would have had the decency to decline the job. But she is “pro-life” and the Christian nutjobs love her. The rest of us see her for who she is: Small-town, small-minded, bad parent, 100-percent pure white trash from the Great White North.

As Julie Burchill puts it:

To write off a whole group of people as “trash” – that’s what the BNP and al-Qaida do, isn’t it? Real classy!

Vote Sarah Palin – because average can be interesting…

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