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Princess Diana On A Horse And The Elephant In The Room

by | 23rd, September 2008

IT’S her. It’s Princess Diana on the front-page of the Express. Today Diana is wearing a pearl chocker, pearl earrings and a lilac collar.

This is Diana’s letter-writing outfit du jour. And the Express has peeked at her “revealing letters to nanny”.


Is that an elephant dancing, or just an elephant in a sequined dress and heels? And when did Diana see either vision, at a party, perhaps, for Prince Edward’s 21st?

Nanny is Mary Clarke, who is selling off her Diana Letters to the highest bidder. The letters are nothing short of sensational.

“My love of my life is dancing, things like tap, modern, ballet and jazz.”

This confession was written when Diana was a callow 17, and had not yet been exposed to the electric boogaloo and three day eventing.

“A vast amount of people are trying to get me onto a horse and it looks as though I might, since it’s the one time I’d actually be able to be with the husband.”

A veiled slight at Camilla, no doubt –“Camilla was always hovering in the background.” On a broomstick, no doubt.

But things work out and Diana is with child.

“I am still feeling and being ill, well into my fourth month and am at total despair and long for the day when I can eventually sit on the loo as to looking over it!”

Diana went to the toilet. Who knew?

Says Mary Clarke in the Sun:

Diana was a wonderful woman. But you had to bolster her confidence. She could never believe so many people loved her.

Unless, of course, she peeked out the window on the fabled Sixth Floor of Harvey Nichols on the day of her funeral and watched the valley of tears winding her home…

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