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Gordon Brown Should Have Married Jade Goody

by | 24th, September 2008

ALONGSIDE news that Gordon Brown used his address to Labour Party conference to talk about himself and say that we was not a celebrity, and talk about “the real me” some more, is a picture of Jade Goody.

One cannot help but feel that had Brown employed Jayyde as his warm-up act rather than his functional wife Sarah, he might have received a fillip in the polls.

Might Jade Goody do for beige Brown what Sarah Palin has done for grey John McCain in the US: distract voters from looking at him?

New of “terrified” Jade is that she faces a year of chemotherapy for her cancer.

Anorak feels that a chance has been lost. Before yesterday’s address at the Labour AGM, few voters knew who Sarah Brown was, let alone what she looked like.

With some foresight, Jade could have been presented as the PM’s special friend, a belching British riposte to France’s Sarkozy and Bruni…

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