Anorak News | Investment Bankers Turn To Paedophilia

Investment Bankers Turn To Paedophilia

by | 25th, October 2008

ASKS a banker in the FT: “Should I be ashamed for being an investment banker?”

At a dinner party last Saturday I was asked by a fellow guest what I did and I said I was an investment banker. I might as well have said I was a paedophile.

Suddenly the whole table – all friends of my wife from the art world – turned on me with such venom I was really taken aback.

I tried to defend myself by saying that I had nothing to be ashamed of in the work that I do in M&A, but the more I argued the more hostile the other guests became.

Glitter as once a yellow jacket…

Next time this happens – and I fear there will be a next time – should I accept guilt for what isn’t my fault, or should I lie and say I’m a librarian?

– Investment banker, male, 42

Answer: Paedo!


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