Anorak News | The Madeleine McCann Location Device And Finding Brand And Ross

The Madeleine McCann Location Device And Finding Brand And Ross

by | 31st, October 2008

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HALIFAX EVENING COURIER: “Child-tracking device gives parents holiday peace of mind”

(Image: Beau Bo D’Or Website)

AN enterprising duo are to rent out child tracking devices and satellite navigation systems to holidaymakers at an airport. Friends David Molloy and Tony Waite, both born and raised in Halifax, have set up Stressless Journeys Ltd.

Stress free… Where do we sign for our bottle of Calpol/gin/valium?

Inside every tragedy there’s a marketing opportunity waiting to get out. Just ask Jennifer Hudson

To Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport, where Dave and Tone are spreading the fear, and making a handy profit…

David said: “This brings piece of mind. It sets a virtual boundary for your kids. You are immediately alerted – when it starts bleeping they need to come back. We’re aiming at the travel market so the natural step was to go to an airport.”

If only…

He said the case of missing toddler Madeleine McCann had increased parents’ fears about their children’s safety while abroad and this was the ideal solution.


THE PRESS (York): “A prank too far this time”

“HERE’S one way to write a newspaper column. Pick your topic, work out what everyone thinks and then say the exact opposite, just for the sake of being contrary,” writes Julian Cole

But keep it legal. Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross were crude but broke no laws…

Here’s a thing. Some of the papers screaming about Brand and Ross recently had to pay out damages to friends of the McCann family.

Bingo! Here’s how to write a column: make mention of Madeleine McCann and fill in the blanks with any players in the current big story.

Express Newspapers agreed to pay £375,000 in libel damages to the so-called “Tapas Seven”, the friends of Kate and Gerry McCann who were with the couple in Portugal when Madeleine McCann disappeared.

This was on top of the £550,000 the Express has already paid out to the McCanns themselves.

All true…

The journalism professor Brian Cathcart, writing in New Statesman, refers to “the great balloon of speculative nonsense that was the McCann story” and the way certain newspapers used their power to kill discussion of how this story was mishandled in sections of the press.

So here’s your chance to investigate, Mr Cole…

This seems about right to me, and while the Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross story is a mere distraction by comparison – even if Gordon Brown has found time to weigh in – it does remind us that some national newspapers rush to pillory people in the public eye with shameless enthusiasm, while preferring not to look at their own behaviour.

Should all newspapers come with an apology, a column that lists all the errors made? Yeah, a column – over to you…

THE RESIDENT (Portugal): “Integrity of G. Amaral questioned in police brutality case”

LAWYERS WILL be questioning the integrity of Gonçalo Amaral during the current court hearing of the alleged police torture of Leonor Cipriano, the mother of missing girl Joana, who disappeared in 2004 from Figueira near Portimão

They believe it to be an integral part of the trial to demonstrate the character of the former lead detective in the subsequent case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Meanwhile back at the airport…

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