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What Now But Dentistry For Obama Supporters

by | 5th, November 2008

BARACK Obama is dead. No, not literally. Not yet. He just no longer exists as the alternative.

To help out his legion of now bereft supporters, Anorak is searching for a new champion, a real alternative to the now establishmentarian Obama.

The suave Harvard man is in power.

Plus ca change!

The besuited conservative is in charge.

Plus ca change!

He’s getting a dog.

Plus ca change!

The French love him…


Of course a vote of Obama was the one guaranteed way that you could get rid of the hipster truther in the wigwam shoes and the Palin is a **** T-shirt. With Obama in power, what would they have to be right and knowing about?

What would the people who put handed out his flyers, who yelled abuse at Republicans and called them white trash, who stared at Sarah Palin’s womb and who called Bush a Hitler monkey do?

Anorak is here to help.

The answer is either for one of them to a) answer the main stream media prayers and assassinate Obama, b) lead a covert operation to champion Sarah Palin, or c) finish their dentistry course and live in Westchester.

On their choice, does America’s standing in the world depend…

Note: We can now get back to watching frotting cats on YouTube and hearing celebrities talking about themselves…

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