Anorak News | MI5 Fight To Keep Abu Qatada In UK As Tory MP Foments Fear

MI5 Fight To Keep Abu Qatada In UK As Tory MP Foments Fear

by | 10th, November 2008

“THOUSANDS of fanatics in Britain are planning a series of massacres, it was claimed last night,” writes the Star.

The news from an MI5 leaked paper is chilling:

It [the UK] will face a threat from British nationals, including Muslim converts, and UK-based foreign terrorists, as well as terrorists planning attacks from abroad.”

The Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre is on the case. As is Tory MP Patrick Mercer who opines:

“The fact that we have not been attacked for over two years should not be taken by anyone as evidence that the threat has gone away, in fact it is just the contrary.”

Mercer seems to be saying that not being attacked is no sign of British success nor is it a sing of a toothless enemy. And he forgets that we have been attacked, namely by a “lyrical terrorist”, a Giraffe bomber and the meds who tried to create a new departure gate at Glasgow Airport.

And then readers learn, via the Sun, that “hate preacher” Abu Qatada was planning to breach his bail conditions and flee the country for Lebanon. Yeah, we stopped him. The UK has such a shortage of Islamic nutters, we hang on to what we’ve got. Let’s not have another Bakri!

Of course, Bakri might have tipped off the authorities off. Bakri is our nutter in Lebanon. There is no room for two nutters is that town.

But we should not take any of this to mean that we are winning the War On Terror?

We can’t be winning – not while the likes of Mercer and the Daily Star continue to foment fear and anxiety…

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