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Kos We’re Conservatives, Tories For Obama

by | 13th, November 2008

MICHAEL Gove, the Wind In The Willows’ extra who went it alone, is the Conservative Party’s schools spokesman.

Gove is using his Telegraph column to consider all things Obama. Gove salutes the Daily Kos, “a place of very articulate, widely dispersed and highly motivated activists”.

That’s the place where they speak Obami, or Obarmy, and praise the Obamessiah, spam internet polls, spread bigotry and smear the opposition with lies.

Hurrah! And then, Gove allies the Conservatives with Obama:

The Opposition in this country have an advantage, like the Democrats in America, in that we are the principal vehicle for change, and the liveliest, most engaged and passionate voices on the internet are arrayed, broadly, on our side against the establishment.

Yeah. Yaaaaay! The non-elitist Tory Party is against the Establishment.

Anorak took Gove’s advice and searched the web. We found this picture of the Tory rebels lampooning their Labour Party betters with a clever twist on their blue collar and braces.

Come on Tories – do it for the little guy…

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