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The Big O: Creating The Obama Generation

by | 17th, November 2008
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IN the article “Change You Can Conceive In” Newsweek’s Jessica Bennett seeks to discover what babies were conceived at the moment of Barack Obama’s election victory.

She’s looking for the Obama baby boomers.

Of course, Obama was only elected a few days ago, and what with gestation and all, pregnancies have yet to be bedded down. But no need to wait – her best line appears at the article’s start:

The theory is almost too perfect to be true. Barack Obama, the son of politically progressive parents, was born Aug. 4, 1961—almost nine months to the day after John F. Kennedy was elected to the White House. Is it possible Obama was conceived on that historic night?

Hey, honey, let’s try the political progressive position. It’s a bit like the missionary of old but we get to talk all the way through and by the end we have to have reached someone else’s front doorstep.

Says one Obama shagger:

“If the amount of alcohol, happy people and major functions on election night is any indication, I suspect we’ll indeed see a boom,” says 25-year-old Brandon Mendelson, a graduate student in Albany, N.Y., who says he changed his vote at the last minute because “I wanted to be able to tell our future children that we voted for Obama.”

Indeed, it’s not just anyone whose breeding for Obama but his most earnest supporters, the ones who note that at the moment of JFK’s election, a bright star was rising in the west, then moving to the east, then popping up again in the west-ish.

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