Anorak News | Halo Dinner: The Barack Obama Golden Plate Offer

Halo Dinner: The Barack Obama Golden Plate Offer

by | 1st, December 2008

NOW we own a piece of history. Can you? Yes you can!

Such is the demand the world over for Barack Obama gold plates, historians one and all are limited to taking away just two per visit.

The sage advice is to take what’s on offer and if you do need a full setting of six plates, invite your guests to bring their own future heirlooms over.

Or why not asks Obama for some of his plates. He has lots of plates and all kinds of crockery in both the White House, Camp David and his Chicago mansion and is happy to redistribute.

Some key facts about the Obama Plate:

* No stain sticks to these plates! Do what you like to it and it comes shining right back at yer

* Coated in a terrorist proof resin, approved by Weatherman technologies

* For a small renumeration Anorak will invite its resident Chaplain of all The Faiths, T. Blair. to bless your plate and all who dine off it.

* Can be worn about the head so giving the appearance of a halo

* Made from domestic and imported clay

* Bulletproof

Caution: Untested under exterme heat and liable to be brittle and shattering

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