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Bush And Brown To Invest In Piracy, The World’s Growth Industry

by | 19th, November 2008

PIRACY is booming. It’s the world’s growth industry.

Over the newswires, Anorak learns that a Hong Kong cargo ship has been attacked by pirates in the Gulf of Aden near the Yemen coast.

The good ship Delight is loaded with 36,000 tonnes of wheat.

Says one UN insider:

“They’ve got oil for heating and fuel, and now they’ve got wheat. If they can hijack a boat carrying the G20 leaders, they will have democracy.”

This latest hijack follows the capture of Sirius Star, and the two million barrels of oil it was carrying.

The Sirius Star is the size of three football fields and three times the weight of a US aircraft carrier. It is the largest ship ever seized by pirates.

Sky new reports that:

“This year, Somali pirates have attacked 90 ships, more than double the number in 2007, according to the International Maritime Bureau. Pirates are still holding 16 ships and more than 250 sailors.”

Good news indeed. Piracy is an economic trigger, creating employment opportunities for boat builders, security staff, the beleaguered insurance industry and sailors.

If the pirates are to grow and become a decent franchise, they will need more staff and more investment.

So come on, Gordon Brown and G20, if you are going to invest our money in something, invest it in piracy. And in so doing restore Britain’s once proud merchant fleet to former glories.

Hurrah! Huraaaaaaaaahhhhh!

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