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The BNP List Is A Dead Loss

by | 23rd, November 2008

THAT leaked list of BNP members continues to make headlines.

The Sun leads with the news, “Palace pair are in BNP”. This is illustrated by a picture of not the dear old Queen Mum, but Her Majesty.

Inside, the members are revealed to be HRH “storeman Paul Murray and a retired porter”.

As a source tells the paper:

“Although his [Murray] name is on the list he has told us that it is only on there because he was invited to a social event that he did not attend.”

Also on the list is a Talk Sport Radio DJ called Rod Lucas. He says he joined up for “journalist research”.

An NHS doctor, pictured peering round his front door, says he attended three BNP meetings out of “curiosity”. He denies being a racist.

And vicar Rev Jon Staunton says he was a member of the BNP but cancelled his involvement in June.

Although the Mirror hears him say that he has been “thrown out of two different churches. I run my own independent church now and mu congregation know about my political leanings. I am not ashamed about my involvement with the BNP.”

The Mirror boasts of “SHOCKS ON BNP LIST”. There is a picture of BNP leader Nick Griffin, whose name IS on the list. The caption reads “Exposed”. But did anyone think Griffin was not a member of his own party?

The Mirror fingers one John Shaw who “has been working with a security team protecting black French football star Thierry Henry”. Shock!

The Mirror says racists “lurk in all parts of society”. Shock! And it all worries the paper’s Brian Reade:

“I’m worried about the 12,000 BNP members whose names and addresses have been leaked on the internet. I pray their details don’t fall into the hands of any of those black radical groups known to take a very dim view of white neo–Nazis. It would be truly awful if anything happened to these nice people wouldn’t it?”

How’s that for championing free speech and racial tolerance? Has Read been doing some research on far-Right forums? Blacks really aren’t more prone to violence than whites. Really. Honest, Brian. They’re not. Although Reade does differentiate between those black groups who hate neo-Nazis and the ones that share many of their views.

Anorak recalls that when white racists killed black student Stephen Lawrence, these black radical groups Reade mentions did nothing. A handful of anti-Nazi campaigners threw a few punches and a couple of eggs at the accused, but that was it. Perhaps Reade knows of Muslim groups who can be more proactive?

But who do the champions of freedom and equality attack, or not attack?

A Mark Hunt writes in:

i am not a member of the bnp and my name is on this list and my address which i moved from 4 years ago
this is libel and i am seeking legal advice today
remove my details asap or i will be forced to take legel action againt you

We did not publish the list.

But even if the list was published what use is it?

Alan Brettwood, secretary for Sunderland BNP, said:

“I can’t comment fully at the moment but I don’t think the list will put anyone at risk. If members are concerned they should contact Ken Booth, the regional organiser.”

Ken Booth said: “This is not a current list and there are quite a few deceased members on it.”

Brian Reade may care to keep a tally of the fallen.

Says Andrew Gillighan:

THE SUN is said to have an entire team combing through it. The News of the World is on the case. Even the FT, it’s claimed, is looking for financial fascists to name and shame. But to my mind one of the most interesting things about this week’s leaked BNP “membership list” is that so far, nearly three days after it was published on the web, the best-known figure to have been found on it is a stand-in DJ on talkSPORT Radio.

And that’s it. If anything can be gleaned from the list it is that it it small and contains the names of people who are no longer members, who do not share the BNP’s views and some who  are no longer even alive.

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