Anorak News | Police Help Iraq Veteran Aspinall Atune To Broken Britain (Video)

Police Help Iraq Veteran Aspinall Atune To Broken Britain (Video)

by | 1st, December 2008

FOLLOWING news of CCTV devices that can predict crime, Anorak hears of Lance Corporal Mark Aspinall being toughened up for life in Broken Britain by three uniformed officers in Wigan, Lancashire.

Having been beaten up, Aspinall is then hauled before the Beak and convicted of attacking the policemen. He is ordered to pay one PC Lightfoot £100 in compensation and one of the other officers £150. He is also ordered to serve 200 hours community service and given a three-month suspended prison sentence.

Says Aspinall:

“I was scared for my life. I was being battered and my head was being pushed into the ground. I remember thinking, ‘I’m going to die here. I can’t believe I’ve survived Afghanistan and Iraq and now I’m going to die on this main road in my home town at the hands of the police’. Yet I was the one who ended up in the dock, not the officers.”

Stopping short of thanking the officers for going out of their way to repatriate him, Aspinall’s appeal comes before Crown Court judge John Phipps.

Says he:

“I am shocked and appalled at the level of police violence shown here… I would go as far as to say the statements (by the officers) contain untruths.”

We rewind the tape and see PC Peter Lightfoot, a van driver by trade and Government-approved 20st vigilante by hobby, punching Aspinall eight times.

Says Aspinall:

“They asked me what I was doing and I told them I was just standing around. They came up and pushed me and I said ‘Don’t f***ing touch me’. I had been drinking, I was pretty leathered, I know that… but I was NOT being violent.”

The thee officers converge on Aspinall. He falls over. He gets to his feet. An officer rugby-tackles him.

PC Lightfoot bangs Mark’s head on the road twice. He shouts into Aspinall’s ear. His two colleagues kneel on Aspinall’s legs. Aspinall bites one of the officer’s legs in self-defence.

The officer pushes his booted foot in Aspinall’s face. PC Lightfoot pulls his hair and pushes his face on the tarmac. PC Lightfoot punches him twice, then punches him another six times on the back and shoulders.
Aspinall is bundled into a police van in handcuffs, taken to Wigan police station and kept in custody for 20 hours.

His name is now cleared:

At his home in Orrell, Wigan, PC Lightfoot, was heard to say: “Go away. You are not welcome.”

Meanwhile, over in Portsmouth, the cutting-edge CCTV devices have potted a possible crime in action. Note the two men in blue approaching the man in black…

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