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Muntader al-Zaidi And The Ten Worst Protests Ever

by | 15th, December 2008
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Tianaman Square

This one had the lot – the heavily armed totalitarian forces of State against the unarmed student agitators.

Would the protestors win?

Well, no. We commend to your attention the part about them being unnamed and faced with the a machinery of the world’s biggest army.

Fathers 4 Justice

To prove that dads can be as good as mums, a group of men took to dressing up as super heroes and setting a good example by climbing up big structures.

When a protester dressed as Spiderman climbed a crane on Tower Bridge, London, in November 2004, the English capital’s then mayor, Ken Livingstone, said the stunt demonstrated why “some men should not have access to their children”.

The movements was briefly disbanded in January 2006 following allegations that people linked to the group plotted to kidnap Tony Blair’s youngest son, Leo.


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