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Muntader al-Zaidi And The Ten Worst Protests Ever

by | 15th, December 2008
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WHAT next for Muntader al-Zaidi, the shoe thrower of old Baghdad? A spot of badinage on his socked feet?

As al-Zaidi languishes in jail, Anorak notes how unfazed Bush was by the attack. If the protest was to make Bush look bad, the protest failed.

In the sprit of the times, Anorak brings you the Top Ten Worst Protests Ever.

Star Wars For Fanboys

Star Wars” fans attempted to hold protests in support of Kyle Newman’s unreleased “Fanboys” movie at Friday’s screenings of the Weinstein Co.’s “Superhero Movie” on both coasts, but whether any substantial protest occurred is a subject of debate.

A “Star Wars” fan group known as the 501st called for fellow fans to show up at the AMC Theatres in New York and Los Angeles. The 501st claims 14 members showed up in New York and, when confronted by two security guards, chose to go inside and pay to see “21” instead.

Iraq The Model

Iraq War protester-hippies poured red paint on the sidewalk outside of an Army recruitment office today. When a recruiter — who, along with his colleagues, was counter-protesting — noticed the spill, he asked some hippies what impact pouring red paint on the sidewalk has on the war. One hippie responded along the lines of, “It’s the blood of foreign countries that you’ve spilled.” The recruiter responded with something about bringing peace to the Middle East. This really happened. They each went their own ways after a minute or so — the hippie back to his hippie mob which was chanting “fuck the war!”; the recruiter back to his Army friends who were responding with “win the war!” (although it might have been “bring the war!” which is, well, terrible). Between these two groups was a puddle of red paint on the sidewalk, claiming naive pedestrians one-by-one.

Shrink-Wrapped Humans

IT’S World Vegetarian Week and the animal lovers at Peta are showing how much they care for all creatures by wrapping  their interns up in cellophane on a hot day to protest cruelty against animals.

When officers inquired about the well-being of intern Shawn Herbold and volunteer Thomas Olsen, a sweat-soaked Herbold replied that she was in pain and feeling nauseated from the heat after being wrapped in cellophane for 30 minutes, and also asked how much longer she needed to stay there.

They shoot horses, strangle chickens and stun gun cows; oh, and hang, draw and quarter pigs:

Byrne let her know it wouldn’t be much longer and left her under the hot afternoon sun for 30 minutes more while debating with the officers. PETA would never treat a cow that way, but I guess it’s OK for an intern.

Jon Drummon Says Not Fair

To the athletic world championships in Paris 2004.

Former American champion Jon Drummond and Jamaica’s Asafa Powell were disqualified for false starts in a heat.

An angry Drummond refused to accept the ruling, staging an impromptu sit-in. After appealing to officials, the 34-year-old American laid down in the middle of the track to multiple hoots and whistles from the Parisian crowd.

Jamaican Dwight Thomas was first called for a false start, and under the new IAAF rules, only one false start is allowed per race. After that, any athlete called for jumping the gun is disqualified. Both Drummond and Powell were caught moving too quickly in the re-start.

Race officials eventually postponed the heat before completing it later in the afternoon. Drummond remained visibly distraught as he moved onto the grass beside the track.

Three Fans React With Fury As Kevin Keegan Resigns

The Sun said the fans had gathered to protest the sacking of King Kev. How many? Six. Six fans. “ASHLEY WISE OUT,” said the legend on the piece of cardboard.

Back again live to the scene and three fans are shouting at traffic. Back again, and there are two of them…

Such was the fury…

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