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Good God Godo Gordo It’s Gordon Brown At Christmas

by | 22nd, December 2008

“GOOD GORD,” declares the Mirror as it interviews Gordon Brown, the non-celebrity celebrity leader, who knows people who are.

In the year Gordon Brown has made his political comeback, he has learned one big thing – to listen.

Arctic Monkeys. Ruth Lorenzo. Slipknot. You name it, Gordon has listened to it.

As he sits in the living room of his Downing Street flat he is listening to the sound of his children playing with Buzz Lightyear lasers. He listens to his two-year-old son singing Happy Birthday after a friend’s birthday party.

Because as Gordon says: “My children aren’t props: they’re people.”

“When things are going well people call me Gordon. When things are going badly they call me Mr Brown. At the moment they are calling me Gordon.”

It’s a sign of respect. With any luck and if the economy gets any worse, he’ll be Gordo, of just plain God.

“I got a letter from someone worried about their savings who said they had not been able to sleep for four nights.”

So Gordon sent them his book on Courage and a tape of his addresses to party conference, Years ’97-’04 Volume IX.

As he spoke, just hours before starting his Christmas break, he was surrounded by piles of festive paper used to wrap presents for his young family.

A Prop-er dad.

The PM still has some shopping to do – including buying X Factor winner Alexandra Burke’s hit single Hallelujah.

It’s not as good as Lorenzo’s cover version, but good of big-hearted Alexandra to let bygones be bygones and give Good the praise he’s due.

Asked about his plans for a complete break from work, he says: “A few days off would be good.” But for a Prime Minister days off still include dealing with crises both at home and abroad.

Last year it was the assassination of Benazir Bhutto and the killings in Kenya. This year he admits to having to be “on guard” about the threat of terror.

Gordon needs to informed of all developments whatever the time and wherever he is. This is why Gor is never all that far away from the television.

Says Big G.

“I have got one who wakes up quite early and one who doesn’t go to bed at night.”

No, not his peppers; his little peepers: the kidzzzz.

Go-Go says that “in the last year people have realised politics ‘is not about slogans and public relations stunts and gossip’.”

That’s a fact. And you can quote him on it. That’s a fact.

“It is about real issues. It is about big problems, big challenges. The judgments you make, whether they are right or wrong, really do matter.”

Who knew? G is eating a “sandwich lunch”. The Mirror observes:

In a reference to his decision not to call an election at the end of 2007, he says 12 months ago politics was dominated by “personality and gossip”… Going home to his house overlooking the Firth of Forth for the holiday season will be a chance to talk about the economy with friends who have known him for 20 years.

So much for the politics of personality and slogans.

“You have got to listen to what people are saying.”

“That is what is great about Britain. People do come together.”

That’s a fact.


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