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Madeleine McCann: She Speaks To Spaniard And BBC Scores Points

by | 29th, December 2008

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THE SUN: “Fury at Maddie ‘ghost chat’”

No, not a ghost chat show – it’s not a publicity stunt. It;s not even a follow up to the Daily Star’s front page screamer: “MADDIE GHOST VISITS MUM”. It’s:

A SICK comedy writer has sparked outrage by publishing a spoof interview with Madeleine McCann’s “ghost”. Jose Perez, 28, who writes for Spanish TV, reports in his online blog that Maddie — who vanished in May 2007 aged three — visited his house.

Spanish TV writer has an “online blog” on which he writes a sketch about Madeleine McCann. And what is a small girl doing in the home of a grown man? Is Perez Spanish for paedo?

Read all about it! Can the Sun delve any deeper and tell us who is furious about this, or, more to the point, who isn’t?

He said she criticised parents Kate and Gerry, saying: “I’m the business kid of the century. They’ve sold more T-shirts with my face on than Mickey Mouse. And what for? So my mum can leave her job and play Nintendo all day.”

And the fury?

Perez was inundated with criticism. One reader wrote: “You’ve no shame.”

For shame!

BBC: “Phones and fines top media’s 2008”

So what were those media stories about the media, the ones that get lots and lots and lots of, er, media coverage?

Express Newspapers had to pay the Find Madeleine McCann campaign £550,000 after libelling her parents, Kate and Gerry. Seven of their friends received a further £375,000, which was also paid into the fund.

And Robert Murat, wrongly accused of complicity in Madeleine’s disappearance, received £600,000 from 11 newspapers and a further payment from Sky News.

A comment on Our Maddie or a chance to bash Sky News?

Nah! The BBC would not stoop so low. Now it’s over to Jonathan Ross for the shipping forecast…

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