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The Temporary KKK Tattoo For All Recreational Nazis

by | 21st, February 2009

CAN you dabble with Nazism, Islamofascism, Ann Coulter or any extreme right-wing nuts and then with a wipe of soft flannel return to the reasoned human being you once were?

Well, yes you can. With wipe on tattoos you are just a peel and press way from being a boss-eyed member of the Klu Klux Klan.

Wear on the lower arm or, for real power, the forehead.

Says a Charles Manson:

“If only I’d have had these when I was a kid I wouldn’t have had to use a razor blade and ink.

Helmut Hertz writes from Austria:

“After 60 years and 32 safe house in 7 countries I’m tired of running. With an SS temporary tattoo I’d have gottten clean away – literally!”

Bishop Williamson:

“The Jews have been using these fabrications for decades. Have you even spat on a so-called Holocaust survivors tattoo? The ink runs clean away. It’s the truth. Fact.”

Order you tattoos now. Don’t delay!

“Available in all good Paki shops” – Prince Harry.


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