Anorak News | The Wonder Of Michelle Obama’s Hands, Wrists And Thumbs

The Wonder Of Michelle Obama’s Hands, Wrists And Thumbs

by | 5th, March 2009

MICHELLE Obama is a sensation. She has the right to bare arms in prettt much every newspaper and magaine in the land.

But Anorak has been out on the street and found that although Michelle’s arms get the star treatment they deserve, her wrists, shoulders and hands – thumbs included! – are cruelly overlooked.

Anorak’s resident psychologist, Dr Amin, who does not treat Michelle, says that America is still not ready to see women’s hands in public:

“Hands say so much about a person – what they like, their wealth, what watch they own and more. Some people in America still believe Michelle’s thumbs are not fully aposable.”

The debate rages in private salons and racketball clubs.

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