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Pictures Of A Suicide Bomber Killing In Sri Lanka

by | 12th, March 2009

PSSST! Wanna see pictures of people being blown to bits by a suicide bomber in Sri Lanka?

It’s been a terrific year for death so far, and it’s only March. C’mon people!

Keeping abreast of so much death isn’t easy but the papers are trying their best.

Anorak’s new Twitter-like service – Croaker and the recordable Croaker Plus – which creeks every time a death is reported. You can record old deaths and play them back at your leisure.

While you’re reading this, people are dying, and you’re missing it. The Telegraph is here to help. It has pictures of a “remarkable sequence of images” featuring the deaths of least ten people celebrating Mawlid, the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed, in Akuressa.

Do you want to see?

Do you want to see people being murdered?

Dying is entertainment. Jade Goody’s doing it. One day everybody will be doing it, even you.

Tim Kretschmer is hurrying along the process by killing 15 people in his old school in Germany. He’s dead.

Michael McLendon has killed 10 people in Alabama. He’s dead, too.

Tariq Aziz has killed 42. He’s alive, for now.

Grab a good spot for the tsunami.

Well done you who’ve been playing along with your Tablid Bingo! cards.

Eyes down…

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