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The Media Gave Jade Goody Cancer

by | 3rd, April 2009

JADE Goody remains dead – so say the headlines. And Max Clifford begins to make sense of who Jade was:

“I have dealt with people from the Beatles to Muhammad Ali, but I have never known such intensity from the media as this.”

Had only The Beatles called Max then John Lennon could have scored the Harpic contract and been the face of Walrus Conservation. Ali, well, is he still champion of the world?

But never let it be said that Max bears a grudge and Jade will make her final journey to the strains of The Beatles’ ballad Let It Be. (Ali, call me. Don’t let regret make you bitter.)

One man who seems keen to cement a post-reality relationship with Jade is Russell Brand, who has announced his return from activities in the US by first appearing at the G20 tarmac hug.

And either side of that, Brand has commented on Our Jade.

“But through her spirit she won people back round and became a kind of Primark Princess with perfumes and fitness videos and endless media coverage – because people were interested in her. They remain interested.”

They being not least of all Brand who has more to say on Jade:

Brands says the media likes to simplify things. So when he told grandpa Manuel that he was shagging his granddaughter on a swing, it was not as simple case of arrogant and Priapic bullying:

“They just want to simplify things. Like with the Jade Goody situation. I personally think that poor young woman would not have developed cancer had she not been the focus of such intense hatred – malevolent hatred – for such a long period of time. And now, it’s convenient for the narrative to like her again. It just sickens me.”

The media gives you cancer.

Its; the ultimate Daily Mail headline…

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