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Police Link Obama To 321 Crimes

by | 8th, April 2009

FOLLOWING news that Gordon Brown cannot tie a tie, news that he is not all that good at shaking hands, either.

Barack Obama and Gordon Brown walk into 10 Downing Street, where the US leader shakes the policeman’s hand, but Mr Brown declines the offer.

Of course, the copper is uncertain if Brown is the Prime Ministers – well, no-one voted for him – and he might just be a passer by on his way home from work or a protestor set to launch a vicious assault on the pavement.

That handshake with a copper is best denied lest you be tossed to the ground and later die from “natural causes“…

Update: The police have swabbed PC99’s hands and have linked IC3 male “Barack Obama” with two muggings, a shooting, three counts of Driving While Black and 329 unsolved crimes in the Greater London area…

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